Wedding date moved...again.

Hello. So, I'm a college senior about to graduate come May (yay!) & I'm engaged to a gorgeous man who started his forestry tech degree this spring. His decision to go to college was sort of last minute because he truly was unhappy with his job (roofing). But I totally supported him & we enrolled him. It's a struggle with both of us in school & working part-time but it's brought us closer together. It's also taught us a lot of patience lol. Anyway, we originally were going to get married in 2013 because our parents were really pressuring us to. They have this big thing about us living together unmarried. It's not that we didn't want to. I just didn't want to loose my financial aid for school (plus we were only 20). So then we decided 2014 which was fine for us until he decided to go back to school. We thought about it & we wanted to wait a little longer because he isn't going to graduate until December 2015. School for him & me just starting out working full time would be enough pressure already. Plus, it would be better on us financially (we aren't expecting our parents to pay for much if anything). I'm afraid to tell our family though (his & mine). They have been breathing down our necks about getting married since we first moved in together. We KNOW that we're getting married. We're just trying to be responsible about it because we want to make it last a lifetime. Does anyone have any advice on telling your parents the date has been moved again? I dread it so :( 
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Re: Wedding date moved...again.

  • You just need to be honest with them. It isn't their life or relationship so they don't get to decide when you get married. I know it's hard but this is something you just have to put your foot down and say "I understand your concern, but this is the way we are doing things and that's not going to change"

  • I'm a little late to this party-- but, another vote for just talking with your parents about it.  It sounds like you are making this decision for good, responsible reasons.

    I will never understand the obsession some older people have with the "living in sin" thing.  Seriously.  It's the 21st century.
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    I had to move my date around so many times due to school and my fiance being in the military.. It was so hard telling people but I just had to be honest and tell them! We are planning a wedding in January 2016 since I don't graduate until december 2015. Its hard but just be honest

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