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Help, Wedding Color coordination

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Help! I'm getting married in July and my Fiance wants to be the only guy in all white and the groomsmen wearing light gray tux with Teal vest and tie to match the bridesmaid. My wedding colors are Teal and Coral. Therefore the groomsmen will be wearing light gray tux with Teal vest and tie and the Best man will be in Coral vest and tie. Any opinion on how you think that will look? 

Re: Help, Wedding Color coordination

  • Personally, I'm not a huge fan of a) white tuxes and b) multiple colors of vests. It seems busy. I think if your FI is going to be in something different, you're better off having the groomsmen all matching. You can make the best man stand out in a more subtle way, like a different color pocket square or boutonniere. It will be less distracting. 
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  • I'd say if you really want to have the groomsmen coordinate with the bridesmaids, just go with a teal tie. Teal vests and then a coral vest would be waaaaay too much and a little too Toucan Sam.
  • The groom wearing something different is fine, but I think the best man should dress like all the other groomsmen and maybe just have a different boutonniere. Everyone will know he is the best man. Remember when choosing colorful vests that at some point the guys will take their jackets off and just be wearing their vests so make sure you pick vest and tie colors that look nice on their own without the jacket over top. Maybe a tie that is a bit more subtle would blend together better, like black or grey with a coral print on it so that it still ties together with everything
  • Some pictures to help you imagine what everything will look like:
    A groom in white and groomsmen in grey:
    Bridesmaids in coral and groomsmen with teal ties:
    Bridesmaids in coral and groomsmen with coral ties:

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    BMs in coral and GMs with neutral/matching grey ties (you could bring the colours in with the flowers):
    Best man in different coloured tie than other GMs and groom in something completely different than the GMs and best-man:

    Personally, I will say that I agree with the PPs that said if you are going to have the GMs in coral or teal to pull in your wedding colours, only doing the ties and not the vests might look better (the vests could be in the same colour as the rest of the suit).  Also, I don't think it is a good idea to have the best-man in something different because it would just look odd, IMO, with the matching GMs and the differently dressed groom.
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