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Hello - I am using the RSVP and Guest List functions for my wedding.  If I assign one person in a couple as the invitee and then assign their spouse, then how can I ensure that I am capturing everything if the spouse puts their name in first.  For example, if Person A is listed as the main invitee and then Person B is listed as their spouse, then Person B goes to respond for the couple and puts their name (Person B) in, the website doesn't recognize this couple and their spouses name doesn't populate.  Is there any way to change a setting so that it will recognize the name whether Person A or Person B is searched for in the RSVP tab?


Re: RSVP/Guest List

  • Segali01! This is something are Customer Service Team can help with! You can give them a call at 877.335.5252
  • Hi, I am trying to make the RSVP on the website easier. Is there a way for more than one person to RSVP and choose the menu items?  We have our catering menu on there so people can indicate their preference.
    Currently, the only way is if the person individually puts his/her name in, does the selection, then logs back in under the next person's name, does the selection, etc.  We have a lot of families being invited and we can see how this would be cumbersome for them. Is there a way to do RSVP for multiple people (like in the same family) at one time?
  • I just checked mine and it works. My mom was able to RSVP for herself, my dad, and my brother by typing her name in the RSVP.  As long as all the names are a part of the same party, it should work. I didn't change any settings when I set mine up.
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