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Addressing with apartment

Preparing list for invitations.  I know everything is to be spelled out. What do you do for an apartment #.  Do you spell out apartment of use the # or I have been told to say No 438 for apartment? What is best?Thanks

Re: Addressing with apartment

  • Your outer envelope is not a social correspondence item that follows etiquette rules. It is a business document between you and the Post Office, by which you engage the Post Office to deliver the contents to the place and individual you specify. If you expect the Post Office to do that efficiently and correctly, then follow their addressing requirements.

    And in most cases, the Post Office wants to see numbers for numbers -- NOT numbers spelled out as words. Save the spelling-things-out for the invitation proper.

  • I did this:
    Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
    555 Main Street
    Apartment 438
    Chicago, Illinois

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    I'd do whatever is necessary to make sure the Post Office gets your invitations to the right addresses. Use numbers, not words, for addresses.
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  • With addresses, I put it exactly as is was given to me:

    Apt (ok-spelled that out) 102

    # 203

    Unit C

    No. 12

    Same thing with roads in other counties I'm not familiar with:

    4012 E North Avenue, Filer, Idaho

    I DID spell out all the street indicators instead of using abbreviations.

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  • I put "Apt 27."
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  • I just finished addressing my invites this week and I am in the process of assembling them. (Yay papercuts!)  I used "Apt." "#" "Unit" or "Lot" depending on what was provided to me by the person I was mailing the invite to.  I assumed they knew the correct manner to address an envelope to them. 

    When they didn't provide me with a specific designation, I used "Apt." unless I knew it was a free standing building in a complex, in which case I used "#".  I think generally, as long as you have some designation that it is a unit number and the correct numerical designation for that unit, it should be delivered without problem.

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