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Looking for a photographer to photograph a Twilight with a rustic twist type of wedding at a venue that hasn't been discussed on any of the boards.  Kind of on a tight budget...But I also know the old saying you get what you pay for.  If you have any recommendations or are interested please message me.

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  • Our wedding isn't until October so I can't comment on the end result but we're using Life Gallery Studios -- they have an office in Northern VA and in Baltimore so a wide variety of venues fit into their territory.  They did raise their prices a bit for 2014 and we booked in December so got the old prices, but we're paying $1200 for 8 hours of coverage (they offer a 6 hours package as well I think).  They have only been in our market for a few years, which is partly why their prices are lower... still establishing local reputation and connections with venues/other vendors.  We weren't willing to spend $2,000-$4,000+ on pictures which is what most others were asking, so we're happy we found them.  
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    I went through Roman Grinev photography.  We spent about $1600 and we were given full rights to the pictures which was very important to us.  The photographer we used was Jennifer McMenamin but she is no longer with Roman Grinev.  But they do have a good amount of photographers to choose from.  I believe what is included in the pricing is listed on their website.  Of course the pricing may have changed since I got married almost 3 years ago.  But it was a very simple process to meet and book with them.

    We also did not order albums or anything from them since spending $1000 on an album, IMO is crazy.

  • I'm a local portrait photographer looking to add more weddings to my portfolio. Because of this, my rates are very low. If interested, I can provide portfolio samples or link to my website. (I don't want to spam you here if that's not wanted.) the last wedding I did was $600 for 4 hour coverage and images on disk. I have a FT job as well. So I'm not looking to sell prints at this time. I rather the bride and groom just use a reputable lab to do so on their own.
  • Check out he takes quality pictures, offers 8hrs of coverage plus full rights to your pictures and is REALLY affordable. Only stipulation is that he doesn't photograph weddings on Saturdays. I actually booked my whole wedding around him because of how affordable and beautiful his photographs are. He truly captures the essence of your personality.
  • Hello, First off Congrats on your engagement!

    I am a local photographer that works within the MD, PA areas. My company, Twisted Images Photography is a unique company. I say this because every time when I shoot, I am aware of the motives and intent behind my photography. When someone ask, why do you shoot photography? Often the answer would be “Well, I shoot because I enjoy it” or “I like taking beautiful picture”.

    I take my time and place my thought into every photography asking myself, "what story should be told here?" And with that thought,I photograph so all my images not only come to life, but also have personality. So when the photograph is in front of the client, they know the story, and they are living it again.

    The other thing I ask myself when I shoot is, "What’s the inspiration that I want others to know?" Whether I take inspiration from a child paying in a sandbox, to the leaves blowing in the breeze and flowers blooming in the spring. I find my inspiration in everyday life.

    I believe another thing that makes Twisted Images Photography stand out is my motivation. A lot of people can pick up a camera and take shots, but what motivation or drive do they have. Mine personally is my love to capture things that people want to hold onto for the rest of their life. I brings me joy to see a client's eyes light up when they see their wedding photo's, the same look they have when they walked down the isle. Happiness & Joy. These things drive me to learn more and push myself to be better every shoot so I can keep getting those eye sparkling reactions.

    In short, I would like to put it in few word; “The value of an image lies in the eyes of the creator”. Every time when we looks into a photograph, it is actually reflecting on the photographer, the person and the pursues of his/her heart. These are the real hidden jewels that is why Twisted Images Photography is distinctive from the rest. Because it is Twisted Images Photography and Twisted Images Photography alone, there is no other Twisted Images Photography, only we can create these kind of masterpieces.

    Please feel free to check out my work at or you can also see our featured listing on here "the knot" .

    We offer packages at affordable prices and even offer to make custom packages to suite all our bride's needs.

    Hope to speak with you soon :)

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