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Venues under $1500?

Hey Everyone, 

I'm looking for a venue for 100-150 people that's about 30 min or less from Saint Paul (though not in downtown Mpls or St. Paul) that's under $1500.  I'd like to have ceremony and reception there.  I realize that's a hefty order to fill but I'm hoping someone out there has some ideas.

Thanks!! :)

Re: Venues under $1500?

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    Check out TPC Twin Cities Golf Course.
  • I don't know how strict your $1500 budget is, but we also have a low LOW budget for our wedding & did a LOT of searching for somewhere we could afford. We ended up booking the 5120 Onyx Bar and Restaurant for our reception. They have the lowest food and beverage minimum we could find, but it's $2,500. They will also do your ceremony there for $300 extra.

    Just an idea. It's a really nice place & not your typical park shelter most "budget" weddings end up at. Happy planning!

  • The Pavilion on Harriet Island is $1100 - completely open catering. 

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  • Elm Creek Park in maple grove is $1500 if I remember correctly! :) We are doing both ceremoy and reception there and you have your share of choices for caterers or it you want you can bring in everything yourself! Its a great deal!
  • McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota campus may be good for you. Their offseason price for their smaller set of rooms is $1300, and that includes space for both the ceremony and the reception. The smaller rooms can fit up to 130 people so depending on your final guest list that may work out for you.
  • @seron, we've actually already found and booked our venue, but thank you for the offer!  Does anyone know if there's a way I can mark this as resolved?
  • Where did you end up booking?
  • Eagan Community Center!  Not under $1500 for when we're choosing to have our wedding but it was my first choice and I couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else!

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