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Coffee lovers - what did you register for?

I'm a coffee every morning, even on the weekends person... I like the occasional mocha or latte but don't drink them all the time or anything. I've got a very basic coffee machine that I'm looking to upgrade in our wedding registry. Its tempting to go for a Keurig or other fancy, one cup machine but I also feel like that can't be all I have. Do people who get Keurigs also usually have a 'normal' coffee pot? Hamilton Beach has an interesting 2-in-1 machine that seems to have decent reviews so I'm contemplating that []. Just wondering what others have registered for or wish they had registered for. Thanks! :)

Re: Coffee lovers - what did you register for?

  • We have just a Keurig. DH has talked about getting a regular coffee pot to go with it but he hasn't done it yet. He used to have one but got rid of it after we got the Keurig.
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  • If you want a single serving machine, you should also look at the Nescafe machines.  That's what the coffee drinkers in my family have and like it better than the Keurig.  I just have a french press because I mostly drink coffee at work and have tea with breakfast, although I do love coffee.  

    I don't know how big your current, basic machine is, but I think it would be worth keeping it around if you get a single serving one if you entertain a lot (or consider getting a larger one to have around for those occasions).  
  • H has a Kuerig (I don't drink coffee). 

    You can buy the reusable Kcups and you can put your own coffee/tea in them so that can help with the cost since you aren't forced to buy the pre-filled Kcups that are kinda pricy per serving.


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  • We registered for a Chemex pour-over coffee maker. It's pretty much the opposite of the Keurig, but we like it.
  • We drink coffee during the week and lattes on the weekend.  We registered for this coffee maker with timer so it's brewing when we get up in the morning.  We love it since making coffee doesn't cut into our sleep time and it's great for when we entertain.  

    We also registered for this espresso machine so we can make lattes when we have time to relax on the weekends. 
  • I drink too much coffee for a Keurig (or any other single-serve coffee maker) to be financially prudent for me. I know you can get the re-useable cups, but I have no desire to brew multiple cups of coffee one cup at a time.

    We registered for an upgraded coffee maker, with a timer, so I can set it before I go to bed at night and it's ready when I wake up in the morning.

    I already owned a French press, espresso maker, and pour-over coffee maker.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • I own a Cuisinart Grind&Brew coffee machine ( and I absolutely love it. A former roommate had one and I fell in love with it then luckily fount it on one of those 'one day sale' websites but my fiances mom loved it so much we ended up buying them one, too! If you're in the mood for great coffee, its really amazing. I use it every day for my one cup and you can control the strength of the grind and how many cups you want and program it in the morning so you wake up to the smell of freshly ground coffee. I've seen them available at Macys, Crate and Barrel and probably Williams Sonoma. Definitely a registry-worthy item - I've considered adding a second one as a backup in case my dies!!
  • H put this Bunn on the registry to replace his old Bunn.  He says it is great and makes the coffee really fast.  He wanted to make more than one cup at a time.

    He also mentioned espresso machine to his brother who then bought it for him.  I don't remember what kind it is since it wasn't on the registry but it cost $200 something I think.  It is nice to have and H loves it. 


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    We registered for a decent burr coffee grinder. We prefer to grind our coffee fresh before brewing. We also registered for a larger French Press for when we have guests over and I think FI is looking at registering for a Chemex as another way to brew coffee. We generally don't have time in the mornings to grind and brew coffee so we only do it on the weekends. I think an espresso machine would be fun but for us it would just take up counter or cabinet space and we would use it rarely.

  • We have this.

    We can do a pot of coffee when we're in the mood or have company or we use the hot water system for instant, tea, hot chocolate, etc.
  • What would be too expensive of a cappuccino machine to put on a registry?
  • My parents have both the bigger drip coffee maker (Cuisinart) and a Keurig, and they are both used at least once a day. We registered for the Bodum 12-cup French press since FI had just a tiny, one-serving French press, as well as a Keurig (seriously, a Keurig was the first item I definitely knew I wanted to register for!). Our Chefmate drip works ok and we're short on counter-space so I probably won't add a new one. 
  • Oh, and a milk frother because it's fun to feel fancy sometimes :)
  • Wow, you ladies are amazing!  So many wonderful suggestions--I just pulled up the websites for all the styles you shared.  It sounds like it would be okay to register for a new normal coffee machine (with a timer!  such a small thing but such an important upgrade haha) and a single serve machine.  My fiance doesn't drink coffee, however he would occasionally drink a non-coffee bev from the single serve machine so I guess thats okay?  haha.  
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    I think it depends a lot on your lifestyle. We go through tons of coffee and tea. I was a barista in a past life, so I am definitely registering for an espresso machine, but that isn't enough coffee for everyday (I drink by the pot.) FI is big on tea as well, so something like the Keurig makes sense to him. I would also suggest a nice teapot and French press. They also make little presses for individual cups of loose leaf tea now.
    Work schedule may also be a factor when you decide how many and what type of hot drink items you need. If one of you works nights or swings, being able to quickly brew something for yourself is great.
  • we registered for a Keurig as well as a regular coffee pot. The Keurig is great for a quick on the go cup in the AM before work, where as we use the coffee pot on the weekend when we will drink a whole pot.  We also got a french press (we got all 3 too!).

  • emmyg65 said:

    We registered for a Chemex pour-over coffee maker. It's pretty much the opposite of the Keurig, but we like it.

    I'm not a daily coffee drinker but I adore my Chemex. My dad has a Technovorn and I think the results are comparable.
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  • I'm a big coffee drinker. I really prefer my nespresso to a keurig. A keurig is essentially freeze dried coffee where a nespresso is packed and sealed espresso. If you prefer cappuccinos/ espresso/ americanos definitely get a nespresso. We have a nespresso and a French Press and it works great for us.
  • We registered for a new drip coffee maker, a Chemex, a French press, and a tea kettle (to boil water for the Chemex and French press). We got the drip coffee maker and tea kettle for the wedding and my awesome parents bought us the other two items for our birthdays. I am looking forward to making a whole bunch of awesome coffee! We do need a new burr grinder as well but I didn't find one I liked at the stores we registered at, so that will probably be something that I buy with some of the monetary gifts we received.
  • I am big on the Keurig- have one at work at my desk, and one at home. The company is great and will replace your machine anytime you have problems with it.
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