Toronto wedding planners who are known for being great negotiators??

Hi there!

I am looking for a wedding planner in Toronto who is an awesome negotiator, great at haggling and getting better deals with vendors (in particular, our venue of choice).

Our budget is roughly 30k and I don't really want to spend more than 10% of that on the planner. it would be amazing if they could actually find us enough savings that they effectively pay for themselves, if you know what I mean.

Any suggestions?? Did you work with someone who is known for this? and if so, how much did they cost??

Thanks so much!!!!

Re: Toronto wedding planners who are known for being great negotiators??

  • We worked with Diana Pires from Truly Yours Planning. She was the BOMB! We had hired her for day-of coordination and helping us with decor. The savings she got us from decor basically paid for her fee. I can't remember right now what that was (got married back in September) but it's worth an email to her. I've never met someone so on the ball and organized. 
  • we went with Leena at lets party consultants. I really loved working with her up to our wedding day! she took such great care of us and made sure everything was done to the smallest little detail! 
  • I second Leena at Let's Party Consultants...she negotiated our wedding contract for us. That's all we hired her for. But she's great with advice as well.
  • We also booked with Leena at Let's Party Consultants, I just wish we booked her before we booked the Venue so that we could've saved more!  She's still been great though, all other vendors she's recommended have saved us more than the cost of her services, I highly recommend her.

    If you do book her, don't be afraid to research your own vendors she's not pushy at all, but you'll be pleasantly surprised by what others are offering compared to what her recommendation/vendors can give you just by dropping her name. 
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