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Getting the cute Wanderable image to show up on your registry page

Wanted to share since I just finally figured out how to get the image to work instead of using's ugly grey button.
It's actually really simple, above the text box where you write all of your descriptive info is an editing button called "source" with an icon of a piece of paper next to it. Click this button, it will change how the info in your text box looks, paste the link that starts with <divstart and ends with </div<, and you should be all set! Then just click below on "preview" to be sure everything looks just how you would like it.

Re: Getting the cute Wanderable image to show up on your registry page

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    eewww, why would you want to do that? Honeymoon registries are rude.

    Asking people for money is tacky, regardless of how "cute" the button or poem is…

    We did not register - anywhere. Everyone knows cash is always appropriate, appreciated and often preferred - literally everyone on earth knows this. =o) 
    Some people will want to get you a physical gift - these are not the people who use HM registries. The people who use HM registries are people who would give you a check, but instead think that you will receive the FULL amount they gift you. You you will ACTUALLY receive that massage, not a credit on your bill and if you decide you can get the massage or take the excursion. 

    But I have good news :) 
    For our wedding the gifts broke down like this: 75% cash or check, 20% gift cards and 5% physical gifts. 
    If you want money or don't need anything don't register. This is the best way to politely suggest folks give you money. I'm telling you from experience ;-) 
     A HM is not polite, sorry. There is nothing wrong with saying, when asked where you are registered, we are saving up for the honeymoon (or house or big screen TV or whatever it is you'd like to purchase). GL!
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • In case any lurkers are thinking Wanderable is a good idea, here is why it is not:

    For every credit card transaction, there is a 2.5% registry fee to the owner and a 2.5% credit card transaction fee for the guest. So for a gift listed as $100, the guest would pay $102.50 (to account for the 2.5% credit card fee) and the couple will see $97.50 in their account (to account for the 2.5% registry fee). If the couple chooses to absorb their guests’ fees, the guest will pay $100, and the couple will see $95 in their account (to account for the total 5% credit card and registry fees). - Because losing 5% in fees is way better than being polite and not lying to your guests.

    You can also offer your guests the option to “pay in person”. When they pay in person, your guest is responsible for mailing the gift or bringing the gift to the wedding reception. Gifts given in this manner do not have any fees. -You know in case your guests are idiots and didn't know they can mail or bring you a check to the wedding. Instead they can check a box committing to doing so

    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • Hmm, a first time poster plugging a tacky HM registry. Sounds like a vendor to me!
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