Does anyone care about favors??

I keep seeing that "no one cares about favors" and "they are optional", and I get that. I don't remember a wedding I've been to that I was like, "That was an awesome favor!" or even noticing there weren't any. My question though is although it isn't rude by an etiquette standpoint (I don't even personally care and feel they are wasted money that could be put toward more cake or food choices) is it even very common anymore to have them? I'm noticing most weddings have been skipping them. Do you notice if there isn't a favor?
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Re: Does anyone care about favors??

  • I would notice, but I wouldn't be sad.  There are very few favors I've received that I've liked anyway, so if the bride and groom puts that money toward better or more food, drinks, etc, I'm all for it.  

    If you do decide to go with favors, edible is best.
  • I really can't recall if the last few weddings I have been to had favors.  So that pretty much answers your question.  I don't really notice if a favor is there or not and I really don't care.

  • I don't notice either, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not an odd man out :P
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  • I cannot remember any wedding favor I ever got that awesome. The only favor I remember was a cup from a wedding, but it got thrown away quickly. And we have a coozie in a drawer that was a favor. Keyword, in a drawer. Dusty. We are thinking about not doing them either. 
  • in the last year i have attended 4 weddings and I remember all of the favors.

    1. maple candies from vermont wedding (cute but i didn't like them)
    2. donation in lieu of favor (A NO NO)
    3. box of 4 different chocolate truffles (total win...so great)
    4. "road cake" (fab) and a mini bottle of wine (less fab...it was moscato)

    i remember favors, good and bad.  i am impressed by a great favor.  it's the details of a wedding that wow me, and add up to a stellar experience.  nice chairs, beautiful tablecloths, beautifully designed invitations (stock + letterpress), nice cuts of beef, etc.  i realize not everyone notices these things, but i don't think it's fair to say that no one cares.   however, i don't think it's worth making yourself crazy trying to come up with a favor, or fitting it into a tight budget.  
  • The majority of the weddings I have been to have had an edible favor in addition to the standard Pittsburgh cookie table.  I can only remember one time in recent history that the favor was not edible.  If it isn't there I don't miss it.

    I like them when they reflect the personality of the B&G; are something that nicely ties in with a theme; or are impressive, making the wedding seem even more fancy.

    Some recent favors I had as a guest:

    1. Chocolate covered oreo -- loved it
    2. Wine made by the B&G -- loved it
    3. Box of truffles -- loved it and was really impressed by it
    4. Home made jam.  I liked the idea and I actually like jam, I just buy bread so rarely that it didn't seem worth taking home.  However, someone else at my table was very happy to take mine.  The same wedding had popcorn as a late night snack.  I took a bag of caramel corn home and it was awesome.
    5. A wedding in a barn where B&G had to bring in their own glasses used mason jars.  They had a sign that you could take a lid home with your used jar.  No thanks.  I didn't really even consider that to be a favor.
    6. A wedding that I flew across the county to attend did Ghirardelli chocolates.  Loved it.  Even more impressive was the OOT bag that the bride gave me the night before the wedding at her RD/open house BBQ.  She put in about 7 different local foods that I was happy to try when I got home (and some before then).  She had a really small guest list so for the few bags that she made, she made them really nice.


  • I don't think they really will notice. So your good there. As long as they are hosted properly, I am sure that's all that will really matter to them. :)
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  • I have been struggling with the favor to do or not to do as well. Honestly I have attended many weddings and I think most of the favors I have received were underwhelming and I wouldn't have missed them. 

    My opinion is unless you have it in your budget to do something really special or amazing just skip it because likely it is a waste of money. 
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