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I double checked that people could not RSVP a guest if we had not invited them, however when I sent out the "collect address" email feature people are now able to add children and guests that we hadn't included in our guest list! Is there a way to restrict guests or children? ASAP please!!! :0

Re: Collecting Addresses

  • !!!Be warned!!! While the RSVP options does not allow people to add guests or children, the collecting address function DOES and I was told by customer service there's no way around this. It does not allow you to preview what is being sent to your guests and let's them add ANY one they want.

    Would have just emailed myself had I known that and now have 20 people I have to track down to awkwardly tell them their guests cannot attend. This REALLY needs to be addressed as I'm sure it affects everyone who would use it.
  • When you're viewing your guest list there's 3 options next to your numbers, Add Guests, Collect Addresses, Seating Chart.

    It does not allow you to preview what is being sent to your guests, just sends it automatically. The link it sends gives them access to edit their whole profile which I think should be an administrative function for the bride only. They could change everything from title, name, guests, children as I am able to.

    People are already upset that their children and recently formed significant others can't come and I haven't even sent out invitations!!
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    What a nightmare!! Thank you so much for posting this.  I was just filling in my guest list and took a break ...I was going to send that out. Phewf....Had it happened I would have just apologized for the glitch with the wedding site and explained that it just is not possible to accommodate all your friends and families and all the younger children also.  My FI has a gigantic family with about 5 kids in each of his cousins families.  I just put adult only reception.  
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