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Thank You for Distant MOH?

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My shower is next month at my FMIL's house. She along with my bridesmaids, specifically my MOH, are planning it. I am planning on giving a small thank you gift (maybe flowers) to each of them. 

The problem is my MOH lives across the country and is actually unable to attend. I'm very sad about this, but completely understand, honestly I'm just happy that she is able to make the trip for the wedding. It means a lot to me that she is putting in the time and effort to plan this for me when she won't even be there.  

I would like to get her something to say thank you, and "our friendship means the world to me." Should I have flowers delivered to her house? Or an Edible Arrangement? Ask a friend of hers to pick up a prepaid cake from a bakery and take to her? Just call her? All I know for sure is that she is definitely getting a letter.

I welcome suggestions!
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Re: Thank You for Distant MOH?

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    What does she like? Is she a sweets person? I really, REALLY love Cheryl's Cookies. You could send her a custom package from there, along with a heartfelt note.

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  • I think sending her something with a heart-felt note is really sweet.

    Flowers or an Edible Arrangement would be awesome.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    I wish someone would send ME an edible arrangement!
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