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Trial hair and make up didn't last!

Ugh Im annoyed! With myself and the makeup artist. 

First off, I have short hair. sort of like a bob type of hair. I saw on other sites that you could sort of pull off a faux up do which I think looks really nice and elegant for a wedding. So I brought pictures to the hair and make up trial, and the girl tells me my hair is too short to do any of it. Instead, she showed me a picture where the hair is just curled up and one side pinned up. 
It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I guess it was my fault for cutting my hair so short so I gave it a go. By the time she was done, my hair looked like I normally wear it, except curly. And quite frankly, its something I can do on my own without having to pay $300 for it. I told her I wanted something more formal so she just pinned the hair back. Well lo and behold it looked like an up do...a half a**ed up do. That annoyed me because clearly she could do it, she just didn't want to. 

Then with my makeup, she asked me if I wore make up I said not that much, she asked me if my fiancé likes make up, and I said not that much. So, understandably, she did my makeup very lightly. I actually liked it a lot when I was in the room, with all the lights they have. It looked really pretty. Since I liked it she asked if I wanted to secure the date by putting down the deposit (for me and all my bridesmaids/moms), a check for $400. I told her I had a check but would have to transfer funds, as I was prepared only for the trial. She said I could give her the check and text her when the funds were ready. I agreed and signed the contract (I know, stupid). 

Once I was out it all seemed so washed out and plain. On top of that, the make up under my eyes was so cakey that highlighted all the fine lines (something that never happens when I do my own make up). I was annoyed so I emailed her and asked her if there was something she could do next time. She said she would try to use something less heavy but that it was pretty much my fault for not exfoliating and moisturizing properly. 
Alright, well true, I may be too lax about my beauty regiment but come on. 

Anyway, so my fiancé comes home, and though he liked it, he agreed that it seems a bit too plain, and definitely didn't like the mediocre up do. So I took down down the pins and noticed all the curls she had done were already coming undone (less than 2 hours after I left). We went out for the day and about an hour later I looked in the mirror and I see smudges and smears all over my face. I looked like a raccoon!! I was so mad!!! A little while later, the fake eyelashes she gave me were coming off as well. And this is supposed to last me all day, in the middle of summer!!!! 

Im really irritated by this experience, and Im not sure what to do. If I had not put down the deposit or sign a contract I would keep searching, but with the deposit down I feel like I have no choice.
I recently sent her an email with my experience and asked for a free re-trial (since I already have a contract). What if she says no? What should I do?

Re: Trial hair and make up didn't last!

  • I don't know what to do about the contract thing, but I can tell you that my mascara started smearing and my make up didn't stay on after my trial. My make up artist told me not to use my eye cream or moisturizer on the day of because it was too greasy and making the make up do weird things. I got married on Saturday and I didn't use my moisturizer and my make up lasted all day and I did not have raccoon eyes. Sadly my curls did not hold up, but I didn't care.
  • Sorry but I don't moisturize. But she should of done a better job.

  • If she does say yes, I would bring pictures of makeup and the hair picture you brought the first time. Tell her what happened and explain to her your expectations. Also, this sounds silly but test different lighting with her and show her that you aren't happy when you are outside in the light. If you're truly unhappy the second time and think it will make you super unhappy the day of the wedding maybe you could ask for some or all of the deposit back? You should feel very confident with who you go with and not have to worry someone is going to do a crappy job. I have my trial in a few weeks and I am very nervous because her portfolio pictures look a little heavy handed with the makeup. So I'm taking a friend with me who will be honest with me and the stylist, which I would recommend you try too. Sometimes having someone there with you makes you feel a little more confident to speak up.
  • I wasn't too happy after my makeup trial either. I had EXACTLY the same problem under my eyes....I feel like when they put too make up under your eyes, it makes the lines look HORRIBLE. Also they painted a dark color on my eyebrows, which made me look ghetto

    You could probably stick with her, but tell her you weren't happy. If she's professional, maybe she could give you another trial for free.
  • ask for another trial. Since you're stuck with her, you deserve to have it last!

    Someone recommended a spray by Urban Decay (you can get it at Sephora or Ulta) called All Night Long or something and it makes your makeup stay all day. Like I'll go run 2 miles and it won't even wipe off when I wipe with a towel! So definitely buy that!
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  • About the curls: FMIL, who is a hair dresser, did my hair a few weeks ago for a wedding. (My curls usually don't hold because my hair is kind of long and heavy) but she pointed out that there are serveral methods to curl hair. Those methods vary in timing, procedure and durability of the final product. Maybe your stylist just wanted to give an expression of how it was going to look like the day of and used another one that took lesser time to do and wouldn't last as long as a result.
  • I had a really tough time with my makeup and hair trials, too! After two trials with the makeup artist, I actually ended up deciding to do my own makeup. I've been doing a lot of research and experimenting myself, and I think I've found a pretty solid routine. The makeup lasts for about six hours and then needs only tiny touch-ups around my trouble areas.

    One of the best discoveries I made was my moisturizer and primer combination. I have combination skin, and as my skin grows oily after washing, my makeup disappears. I needed a moisturizer and a primer that would help to control the oil throughout the day and help my makeup to stay put. I use Murad Balancing Moisturizer and Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. The primer is fantastic. It makes my skin look naturally luminous and prevents makeup from caking inside of my expression lines. For coverup, I've had really good luck with Mac Pro Longwear concealer and Mac Skinfinish Natural powder. I've never had issues with the Mac makeup looking cakey, and I can still layer it on top of truly tricky areas.

    Generally, the makeup artist should be willing to cater to your needs. You are her client. You are paying a good chunk of change for her to do a job. Try respectfully and kindly sorting through the situation first. It sounds like you are trying! If she balks, you might consider being a bit stronger. You can always pull out my favorite card, "Is there a manager I can speak with?"

    With curls, the stylist needs to set your curls. She should use a heat setting spray, then clip the curls close to your head to set. If she uses a quality setting spray and allows the curls to sit for 5-10 minutes, the curls should be bomb proof. My hair DOES NOT hold curl using traditional methods. But, if I set it, I can wear them all day, sleep in them, and wake up with them the next morning. Its like magic!
  • If you don't feel comfortable telling her what you do and don't like and what you're happy/unhappy with you need to go elsewhere. 

    My makeup artist asked me what I wanted - I told him and he did exactly that (for my E-photos, he is doing my wedding day makeup/bridal party too)- the only thing I asked him to change was to strengthen my brow and he did just that.  If I didn't like any of it I would of had him do it completely over again. But the key is communication prior to starting - I showed him pictures - he asked questions - I answered thoroughly and it turned out perfect.

    Maybe I am just more outspoken, I don't know? But your wedding day is one time if ever you need to stand up for yourself and what you want!! Good luck. :)

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