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How to hide bottom 12" or so?

Wedding is full, mostly correct black tie (starting 5:30-5:45 pm or dinner wouldn't start until 9 pm based on my time guesses based on everything starting at the late time and ceremony running long).

I've got bangs and a few shorter layers (chin to shoulder) that will be loose as that's DF's favorite look. Rest of my hair will be hip or so. However, I bleach my ends, then put various colors in. I love it, DF loves it, I refuse to change it. So about 6" are totally bleached, 6-9" then fades to my natural color. I use color then from 12" down. Layers aren't colored or bleached. I can use one light hold gel, other gels, hairsprays and mousse give me a stinging itchy scalp.

Any ideas on styles to hide the ends? My hair is too long for a French twist or most end hiding rolled style.

Re: How to hide bottom 12" or so?

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    If you and your fiance both love it, why hide it? You could even dye it your wedding colors :-)

    If you really don't want to have bleached-looking ends, the thing that would probably look the best would be dyeing the ends to match your natural color. You could also do an updo where the ends are tucked under (modify it so the front layers aren't included, so it's sort of a reverse half-up style). Maybe something like these, which came up in a search for updos for very long hair:


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    It sounds like your hair is pretty long. There are some styles on this blog that will hide the ends well. 

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