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Photographer Drinking on the Job??

Hey Ladies, 
  This past weekend I attended my girlfriend's wedding as her assistant (a.k.a. bride's attendant). She had a photograhper who had his own business. 
  During cocktail hour, he tells her he was leaving at 8 pm, because he felt he took enough photos. She booked him for the entire evening; yet, he insist it wasn't worth staying until the end. The first dance didn't start until 8 pm anyways and he suggested she push up the timeline. This totally stressed her and upset me to see her that way. 
  Somehow, her father was able to convince him to stay past 8 pm. Once the dance started, I was at the bar when the photographer came and ordered a beer. At first, I wanted to tell him he shouldn't be drinking and focus on his job, but I thought it wasn't my business.
  The next day, I told my friend and she was shocked. She didn't know he was drinking and is debating if she should bring it up to him. It was not is his contract to eat or drink.
  All I want to know is, have this happen to you? Is it okay if he or any other vendors (d.j., band, etc...) drink at your wedding? I also had a photographer who is his own business, but he didn't drink at my wedding. All he asked was to be fed and he even said good-night before leaving.
  Should my friend make a big deal of this or just let it go?

Advice Appreciated!

Re: Photographer Drinking on the Job??

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    It really depends on the situation. If she paid him to take pictures and he was trying to leave early and then started drinking, I do think that is odd. 

    Our DJ drank and I was upset. I didn't bring it up because he is a friend of H. If the pictures turned out nice and everything else is ok, I wouldn't say anything. 
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    I've seen DJs drink. I have a strict no drink policy, but everyone is different. If your friend didn't approve and neither did the groom, then yes, I'd say that it's an issue. Bring it up to the photographer. There has to be some line drawn between vendors and guests. People that double (with permission from the bride and groom) as both are the few exceptions. 
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    I think him wanting to leave early is what would upset me the most.

    But, if he was a total lush- that's an entirely different story...
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    He sounds very unprofessional. Was he hired as a professional or just as a friend who takes awesome photos. IMO that would be the difference between him drinking on the job...
  • chelseamb11chelseamb11 member
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    I think it really depends on the situation TBH.  I think any vendor at the wedding should be allowed ONE drink during the evening, just as long as it doesn't interfere in the work they do (nobody should have to work 6 hours straight without any sort of break).  If it is an open bar, it should obviously be run past the bride or groom first since the bride or groom isn't paying for it.  Most brides and grooms don't care, heck I've even had one bride INSIST that I have at least one drink before I wrap up the night lol.
    It was very poor form for the photographer to want to leave as soon as the music was starting, especially if it was in his contract that he stay through the evening.  That was the bigger no-no IMO than the one beer (unless, again, he wasn't the one paying for it)
  • Cole32Cole32 member
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    As a professional wedding photographer, I do have in my contract that I am allowed a meal at dinner.  We are working for 8 hours and need to eat too ;o) For drinks we choose water or a soda.  I would never drink while on the job.  I feel it is unprofessional.  

    But I know and network with a lot of other professional photographers who feel there is nothing wrong with having a beer or a glass of champagne.  

  • filmsnouveaufilmsnouveau member
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    The leaving early part is what would have stressed me out. That is completely unprofessional, and just wrong. If she signed a contract, then he could be in trouble for voiding it.
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    Leaving early and drinking on the job are both highly unprofessional.  It is so terrible that she had to stress over her photographer on her weddng day!

    Has she already paid in full?  If not, she may want to negotiate on payment if the contract stated he would be there for the full day.  
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