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Non-Bridal Party Gifts?

FI and I aren't having a wedding party, it's a very small wedding and we really wanted it to be just us.  

But I have three really close girlfriends that I grew up with that are doing all the planning for my bachelorette party and they have really put in a lot of time and effort and money.  I want to get them something to express my thanks, but I'm at a total loss.  

I was thinking of having the photographer make sure to get a good picture of each of them with their SO and then I would frame it for them and send it after the wedding along with a heartfelt thank you.  But then what is the picture turns out bad.

FI suggested to pay for their nails when we go to the salon, but only 2 of the girls are doing that with me...

They are all traveling, so I don't want to get them anything that would be a hassle to bring home either.  

Do you ladies have any other ideas?  What are you doing for your friends?

We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 

Re: Non-Bridal Party Gifts?

  • I'm not sure if you have the "South Hill Designs" necklace company in your area (I think it's an american company, but I live in Canada and have a consultant here) but you can make really cute lockets with/for your girls!
    I made them with my bridesmaids and paid for everything so I picked 2 charms each (a $ for Vegas and their initial) and let the girls pick their own 2 charms to personalize it. So, some of them picked charms to signify their husband, travelling, their profession, their pets or just a heart for love. They turned out so pretty! 
    I think jewellery is always appreciated so you could just get a normal necklace or bracelet too. 
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  • I'm making them bags, one of my friends just added personalized drink Tumblers with their name on it, a personalized make up case and a few other things
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  • I got my sister a personalized tumbler with a nice poem on it, with a watch and a necklace.
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  • Etsy- I'll be giving them each a personalized necklace, not with their name, but with a phrase/symbol that fits their personality, like this:


  • Is there a show they all want to see or a restaurant they want to try? Maybe you can get them tickets to that show or a restaurant gift card. Then they can "use" the gift while they're there and don't have to bring anything home with them.
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