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save the dates/wedding website

are you sending out an email with your wedding website and save the date?? iI think iI am soon. but theres a few guests iI do not have emails for....thinking that if iI send those ones actual save the dates the other people may get mad. oh decisions.

Re: save the dates/wedding website

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    I just sent a save the date to everyone I am inviting and included a link to my wedding website on it. It really wasn't that expensive to get the save the dates for all the people invited. I sent out around 60 save the dates total and spent around $125 for all the save the dates and envelopes ( I could have gotten it cheaper if I had remembered to put in the dang market code at the end ). I had to spend a little to buy stamps think I spent around $70 in stamps, but I got way to many, I'll have extra for my invites now. I think if you are going to send save the dates at all it should go to everyone, even if you do send out an email.  

    Good luck!
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    I sent STDates to VIP's and out of towners. I have booked the hotel block and set up a minimal wedding website. 
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    My wedding is small - I had Save The Date magnets printed and I'm hand delivering them.  Honestly, I think an email is a nice reminder, but I wouldn't count it as my STDate as it might get caught in a spam filter.

    I currently do not have a wedding website (I think my venue provides me with one, I just have to go through what my venue-planner has sent me).  Since my wedding is a destination, I did a newsletter with a tentative itinerary so they know when they need to arrive and what events we have scheduled (since it's not 100% traditional).

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    I'm not doing a website (very intimate wedding, seems kind of pointless to have a site).

    I am hand-mailing STDs (since it's such an intimate wedding, I've already spoken to all of the guests about the date, but I think it'll be a nice touch).

    I think that sending something physically, versus an email, is a better option, and is more formal.
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    I would send save the dates to everyone. It's fun to get stuff like that in the mail. 

    One way I saved was to send them as a post card. This cuts out the cost of envelopes and a more expensive stamp.

    We included our wedding website small at the bottom.
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    Only send STD's to people that you will absolutely, 100% no matter what send an invitation to.  Because once you send them an STD, you must invite them to the wedding with a formal invitation.

    Many brides pop onto the E board with issues relating to sending STDs out to their entire proposed guest list, and then something comes up and they can't or don't want to invite everyone anymore.

    I also agree that you should send people a physical STD through the mail, and not just an email.

    We just sent out our STDs this week and on the back is a link to our wedding website and the password.

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