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Hi everyone,

So my invitations arrived today from David's Bridal but I wasn't home so the UPS personnel left a note on the door.  UPS is requesting a fee of $147 for my package. My question is, has anyone in Canada ordered from David's Bridal before and had to pay this ridiculous fee?  I'm extremely upset right now because we waited for David's Bridal to have their sale and got the invitations on sale for $460, but now that savings is totally gone because of this "brokage" fee.

I'm not sure what to do, because the shipping was free from David's Bridal and I thought maybe I would pay a small tax, but $147 is one third the price of my invitations.  

Your advice would helps, thanks

Re: David's Bridal Invitations UPS brokage fee

  • Wow that's outrageous! I have heard that there is a way to 'get out' of the brokerage fee, but it is very complicated and confusing so I don't have great advice for you other than sending you this link:

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  • There were brokerage fees on my invitations from Kleinfeld too. However, UPS sent me an invoice stating that Kleinfeld picked up the tab for the brokerage fees. I believe it is quite common to have brokerage fees on pricier shipped items from the US, but I don't know how they calculate the amount or determine who has to pay.

  • I would call David's Bridal too. I'd assume that they can't do anything, but I think it's worth talking to them about the fact that you are being charged a brokerage fee that came as a surprise to you and it wasn't indicated to you when you checked out. You never know. And click that link I sent you. I found it confusing but it is about just this issue.
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    Thanks for the help.  So i called David's Bridal and they say there is nothing they can do about the fee since the disclaimer says the "buyer is liable for duties and taxes".  My fiance tried arguing that this isn't duties and taxes, it was a fee set-up by UPS; but they wouldn't budge and told me to speak to UPS... who obviously won't do anything to reduce the fee either.

    I expected to pay taxes of about $50-70 but this is just ridiculous... I called another brokeage company after doing some research and they say it's already too late since the package crossed the border.

    Hopefully this helps out anyone in the future who plans on ordering from David's Bridal.  I would recommend either declare the item yourself so that UPS doesn't charge you their fees or have another brokeage company do it to save yourself some money.  Or have it sent to the US and pick it up yourself and just pay the taxes when you cross the border.
  • Raeeanne that really sucks. I'm sorry. I'm annoyed with David's Bridal that there is nothing that they will do. I expected that, but still it literally says this on their website:

    Are there any additional costs that will be due upon receipt of my order?

    No. When you checkout, you will be provided with a guaranteed order total in your preferred currency and can place your order with certainty. The order total presented will be the exact amount that you will be billed. There will never be any additional surprise costs billed upon delivery or due as C.O.D. charges. 

    I think that there's still technically hope though. Have you accepted the package yet? You could actually try calling Canada Border Services Agency. From googling it seems like if you are willing to self-clear the item then you don't have to pay the brokerage fee. Admittedly, it seems like a hassle/headache to me so I don't know if you want to pursue it. 

    It is helpful that you shared this. I'm sorry that you're going through it! I'm sure your invitations are going to be gorgeous, though! 

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  • Thanks yellowdaisies, I actually looked in the FAQ section and can't seem to find where you found that, do you mind letting me know. In the shipping charges to Canada section this is what they are using...

    "- Custom Clearance charges, GST, Duties and Taxes are not included in the fees above and are the responsibility of the customer. Check or money order is required upon delivery for the taxes and fees."

    My fiancé argued that the brokerage was not any of the above charges and was a charge set up by UPS.

    My fiance called another brokerage company and they said since the package already crossed the border we can no longer declare it ourselves, it must be done before it crosses the border.

    We picked up our invites and paid the fee since we don't know if/when David's Bridal would be having another 30% off everything sale again rather than risk it. In the end, the $200 savings was off set by the exchange rate and the brokerage fee.

    This will be some good information for anyone in the future who is considering ordering invites online from the US or David's Bridal. What baffles us is that the David's Bridal stores in the GTA have all the samples yet they tell you to order them online.
  • Well at least your invitations are done with and you can check them off your list. Hope it didn't stress you out too much. I'm so mad on your behalf and I don't even know you! LOL

    So here's the link for that info I posted: 

    Are there any additional costs that will be due upon receipt of my order? 
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  • Oh how frustrating! I was thinking about ordering invites from them as well, but maybe I'll reconsider. I wonder if Wedding Paper Divas is the same? I guess it depends on if it comes into Canada through UPS.
  • Wedding Paper Divas is (potentially) the same. They use FedEx, but they do not cover the duties, taxes, or brokerage fees. Don't place an order with them before you do your research what it will end up costing you!  
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  • Thanks! I think I'm going to purchase a template and then get them printed on Vistaprint.
  • I had this issue as well but with invitations by dawn... Invitations were $175 and my "brokerage fees" were $65... Not only that but I didn't have my cards on me as I wasn't expecting to buy anything that day, so I had to travel to Toronto from Brampton the next day.

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  • FYI - there are no extra charges with Wedding Paper Divas! A friend ordered invites and there were no duty charges.
  • I'm glad to see this topic is helping others.  
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