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State Park Wedding

Have any Wisco brides had their ceremony and reception in one of the state parks?  My fiance and I are trying to get our day organized and if anyone has any words of advice or experience please share with us.  Park guidelines, tent, DJ, hotels, caterers, tables, chairs, etc...

Re: State Park Wedding

  • I had my ceremony in a State Park (Lapham Peak in the Kettle Moraine), but not the reception.  

    The key things were that we had to figure out how to cover the entrance fee for our guests- we didn't want our guests to have to pay for a day pass to attend, so we had to foot that bill and we were able to get a cheaper group rate of $5/car and they kept tally and we paid on our way out (or they would have billed us).  We encouraged guests to use a nearby park-n-ride to consolidate cars or drive a car with a state park sticker (this was on our direction info with the invite and on our wedding website)

    Also, when we initially looked, they asked us about outdoor music because they had rules around that.  Since we were only doing the ceremony (no DJ or speakers), and it was in a building there, and we just had a solo guitarist, there was no issue.  However, I know there were limitations on what they would have allowed.

    I also don't know what the alcohol policy is on park land.  And, we couldn't remove chairs from the building (to have an outdoor ceremony) and would have had to rent if we wanted it outside.  I have seen tents up at this park for other events like run/walks, so I know it is allowed, though I don't know details.
  • Thanks for some feedback!  I really appreciate it!  We are really struggling with the reception part.  Some parks do not allow tents, most do not music, closing time at some is 9 pm, and some places we can't reserve until January 2nd.  We are trying to have our wedding in July and we just can't wait that long to get a location and date, and then try to caterers, a tent, etc...  We are just really frustrated and starting to think we need to look at other options.
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