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August 2014 Weddings

August 30th Brides!

Hey ladies! Thought I would break my knot virginity and see if anyone else has this date! I'm getting super excited, but at the same time I'm also super stressed out. It's starting to feel like the real thing, but I'm still a student, so balancing everything isn't easy!
For those of you who have this date or want to comment, tell me, what's your biggest source of stress at the moment? I'd have to say that mine is budget and the FMIL!

Re: August 30th Brides!

  • Hi Heather, my wedding date is also August 30. My biggest concern right now is, I want to register for our honeymoon and my fiance thinks no registry at all is better. I feel like we will be making a big mistake not registering for anything. 
  • Registering for a honeymoon? I've never heard of that! We've registered at a couple home decor places, I think registry is such a good idea. I would hate to wind up with really expensive china that we're never going to use or.... 4 toasters
  • Mitchell and I are also getting married this day! My biggest stresses are time and budget. I work 45 hours a week and go to school part time. The balancig act is getting pretty old. It's also a challenge to find inexpensive vendors; why is photography so much?! We had to skip on a videographer and I really didn't want to.

    We've been living together for over 4 years so we pretty much have everthing. I'm using our registry to "upgrade" a few things like our silverwear, toaster, blender, etc. We will also be moving from our house a few weeks after our wedding because my fiance got into a Masters program at California University Davis.

    So many life changes for us this year! I hope I can stay focused! 

  • Also on the 30th.  Pretty laid back. I just finished my bouquet last night...LOVE IT. Just about everything is chosen and locked in.  FI on the other hand is stressing about registry and have we invited the right people and what else needs to be done and has not picked tuxes. 
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  • August 30th for us too.  Stressed about everything.  Going dress shopping today.  I know, I know, it's late to be looking for a dress!  Haven't nailed down the caterer although we have one we like she can't do a tasting until the end of May and I'm not sure I'm comfortable booking with her until we do one. 
  • Have any of you picked your flowers? I assume @valharte you have because you've gotten your bouquet locked in! I'm wondering in season flowers for the end of August that won't cost an arm and a leg!
  • vh2014vh2014
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    @HeatherA1919 I went with Real Touch flowers so I could do them ahead of time myself, know that I was happy with the way they came out, save a little money, keep them, and because I love that kind of thing.  They are white calla lilly and red roses but I added some sprigs of Eucalyptus both to add some "real" greenery and also because I LOVE the smell of it.  I was worried the Eucalyptus might be a little too... IDK... some other season but it works.  The rest of my flowers are all planted at the venue.. I'm getting married at a plantation house so the grounds are all landscaped and done and the hanging plants are already there...  
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  • August 30 here also!!! I feel like the time has been flying by. My biggest stress right now is the food. We have decided to do heavy hor 'duerves buffet style and are catering ourselves. Worrying about not having enough is driving me crazy and I feel like there is still so much to do and not enough time. I also went with real touch flowers and I love how they turned out.
  • August 30 here as well! I'm pretty not stressed anymore other than just excitement stress!
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  • Oh, and rude people self inviting!

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  • Also August 30! Congrats, we'll never forget each others anniversaries! 

    I'm stressed because I am traveling for work fairly soon and still have a lot to get done before I leave the area. Scheduling hair/makeup and transportation are my big to dos for this week. Also stressed because FI lives in CT, while I live in MI, and it sucks :(
  • Y'all realize that today is 100 days to go??!!!!
  • I totally realized that yesterday! I instantly became incredibly excited! I've been seeing a bunch of people I know who got engaged later than we did, get married before us, and I'm so ready for it to happen!!
  • I've got my flowers locked in! That was the last big thing on my list checked off! I was super happy too because the lady has just gotten into the flower business (her work is beautiful), I got just what I wanted, at an absolutely mind-blowing price :)

  • Also an August 30 bride here! I sent out my invitations last week and I'm having so much fun just checking the mail every day for responses. I'm trying to stay ahead of things, yesterday I got on my FMIL to get her family to book hotel rooms- I've got a block but I need them to get booked if I want to block more!

    You ladies are making me think I should contact my florist and start locking in flowers...

    3 months to go!
  • We had our tasting with the caterer (it was amazing!) and during the meal I was like "oh my god this is really happening... we're getting married!"  FI thought I was nuts. lol
  • I am an August 30th bride as well! I don't really have much else to do besides some DIY decor stuff that is still on my list. Sent out my invites this week and have my bridal shower this weekend! So excited!!!
  • 69 days ladies!!! Sounds like we are all almost set! How exciting :)
    Has anyone had one of those wedding nightmare dreams? I had one where I got my dress back from the seamstress the same day as the wedding and it was THE WRONG ONE, and there was no way I could get mine in time... Talk about stressful!
  • 65 days to go girls!  I'm going to freak out soon!!!
  • 55 DAYS!!!!
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  • Filed the marriage application today ladies!!! Eeeeeee!!
  • 6 weeks tomorrow!
  • vh2014vh2014
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    Going to get our marriage license on Friday. I keep obsessing over details... pretty much done but. .. oh wait, let's add a mirror to the centerpieces. .. and oh wait let's Change the seating cards. . Oh wait. .. let's add to the favors for the kids. The wedding needs to get here soon!
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  • 1 month!!!!!

    I got my bridesmaids and flower girl gifts finished last night- I made them each a personalized wooden jewelry box, lined with paper that matched their personalities, and we etched their initials into the glass heart cutout on the top since FI does glass etching.

    Getting a little frustrated with the fact that I haven't heard back from about 50% of the people we invited and the response card deadline is tomorrow- fortunately I have about 2 weeks until I need to get a count to my venue!
  • I cannot believe it's officially one month away!!! Is anyone else having any nightmares? I've had a couple but it's been about the timelines for the day of not going smoothly- can you say Type A?

    @PandaNikki- WOW those gifts sound so amazingly heartfelt, I love it! 50% not responded would be infuriating. I don't know why people leave it until last minute. We tracked down so many people that were like "Oh we were going to let you know but...... we forgot". It's not that hard to RSVP! -_-
    We still have a fair few RSVPs left, but mainly from FI's side. We set the RSVP date for July 20th, so some people are SUPER late. I think we'll just end up putting them as a "no" if we don't hear back from them in a weeks time.

    If you ladies are getting your hair and makeup done, what does your timeline look like according to your ceremony? I'm trying to coordinate everything because my mum, three bridesmaids and two flower girls will be getting both done (just lip gloss for the flower girls lol). My brain is slightly exploding, especially because I'm going through a round of exams as well!!

    Happy crunch time!
  • My hairdresser is coming to my hotel suite at 10-10:30AM. They will be doing my hair, my bridesmaids, my mom, my grandmother, my aunt, and my 3 flower girls. My makeup artist is one of my bridesmaids (she is amazing with makeup) so she will be doing my makeup probably while others are getting their hair done. We estimate that the hair will be done between 1:30 and 2:30, probably going to order lunch just to my suite to keep everyone together and make it easier. I need to be at my venue (10 minutes from the hotel) around 3:00 to start getting into my dress and take some before pictures and videos with my girls. Ceremony is at 5!
  • Had my shower last weekend.  I didn't realize just how much fun that was going to be. :)  things are falling into place, thank goodness.  I am only waiting on 2 RSVPs but I got super proactive about it a week ago.  I'd be out of my mind if I was missing 50%.   I also created a "secret" Facebook group for everyone that RSVP'ed yes (and assumed if they didn't RSVP that they WERE coming).  That's been a HUGE help for coordinating shuttles (we are making sure anyone that stays in the hotel has a ride so there is no need for DDs) and getting information to people.  I got lots of compliments on it and how reassuring it's been.  

    I am so ready for the wedding to be here though! 
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  • This weekend I emailed a list of the people from his side of the family I haven't heard from to FMIL and all of a sudden I was getting text messages and phone calls! I've heard from most of the people now, just waiting on meal choices from some, and there are some people on his side that we aren't expecting to come but I need confirmed "no"s at this point!

    Also got our favors finished, and we decided to do a candy bar and got all the supplies for that as well! Not much left to do!
  • @vh2014: I totally should have done that secret facebook group for some of the RSVPs. I think it would have been a lot faster than telling them to RSVP on the Knot. Oh well!
    We officially have all but two of the RSVPs in. Are you guys noticing that because we have our weddings on the long weekend a fair number of people can't make it? About 1/3 of our guests couldn't make it! I always rationalize it as we get to pay less for the food lol.
    The showers are really fun aren't they?? It's like Christmas in August haha.
    @PandaNikki Those favours sound so cute!! Love the idea

    I'm starting to actually get butterflies when I realize that this is our wedding month! Makes me happy :)
  • We are having quite a bit less than we anticipated- we originally estimated around 130 but ended up around 100. We have a food minimum at our venue, so if we went over the minimum we were going to cut some passed apps, but since we are under we can upgrade the food.

    Our favors are bear keychains that are also bottle openers, with ribbon on them that we glued magnets into so they can be either on a key ring or a fridge. We put those in little tuxedo and wedding dress boxes. PLUS we are having the candy bar/buffet (which cost a lot less than I expected it to!)

    I'm getting butterflies too! My bachelorette party is this weekend and my girls are crazy excited for it- and I don't know a thing! I can't wait!
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