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Sweaty Feet

ewww, I know.  What tips do you ladies have for dealing with sweaty feet in strappy sandals with no panty hose?  And your feet slip and slide around on the shoe surface?  (How I wish this was never a problem for anyone.) 

Re: Sweaty Feet

  • I have that problem all the time.  For strappy sandals I am not sure but I did see an idea for pumps to put a pantie liner in the bottom of the shoe.

  • You could try a moleskin insole of some sort. You could also buy self adhesive moleskin and cut it to the size of the sandal. The moleskin should help absorb some of the sweat.
  • My mom bought me foot deodorant. Seriously. It works though. I sweat a lot less. 
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    I have really sweaty feet.  I spray Arrid xx dry deodorant on the bottom of my feet and they don't sweat at all. It works way better than odor eaters foot spray.  Also drinking iced tea in it with sage (blackberry sage tea from Republic of Tea) reduces your bodies ability to sweat, and drinking lots of water.
  • I've found that the material of the shoe bed makes a huge difference in if my feet sweat profusely or moderately.  This is a nice adhesive insole you can add that is a "good" material for me:
  • Thanks everyone.  I don't usually get sweaty feet EXCEPT when my foot is in direct contact with the shoe surface (like in dress sandals).  And even then it's not to do with heat, they can be cold and sweating, gross!
  • You can spray your feet with deodorant every night for a week or two and after they will not sweat for a while.
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