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Curls for Dummies

Hey ladies. Total curling noob here. I have massive quantities of super-straight hair and I want to add a bit of curl for my wedding. Should I invest on hot rollers or a curling iron? Any brand recommendations? How do I get the curls to stick around? I've played with hot rollers a bit but the ones I had were pretty small and the curls fell out pretty quick, even with hairspray. Any thoughts??

Re: Curls for Dummies

  • Make sure you have some product in your hair when you dry it. Just mouse or something is fine. This will help hold the curl a little more. Also, it would help if your hair isn't freshly washed. I would use a curling iron. Section off your hair starting from the bottom and work to the top. Once you take a piece and curl it roll it up and pin it to your head either with a bobby pin or they make special clips if you want to go out and buy them. This allows the curls to set into your hair. Once you get all the way through your head leave all the curls pinned up for a bit so your hair can cool and the curls can set. This will help hold the curl more. But remember no matter what the curls with fall as the day goes on especially if you have super-straight hair.




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