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HELLO NC BRIDES! Come out and say hello :)

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This board is SO slow so I figured I'd try to get to know some of you ladies. I'll start:

My name is Emma and my FI is Jay. We are 23 years old and have been friends since we were 5. We started dating when were seniors in high school on October 3, 2008, got engaged on November 24, 2013, and will be married on December 27, 2014. We are from Eli Whitney, NC (Alamance County), have been living together in a cute house for 2 years and have 5 dogs (3 that live with us) and a cat. I graduated from UNCG and FI is a student at NC State.

My wedding colors are blush, navy, and gold. We are getting married at 6:00 pm at Orange Chapel UMC and the reception will be held at Rigmor House, Chapel Hill. We have been looking forward to this day for a while and are glad to finally be in the right place to take this step.

So tell me about yourselves! Let's get some more action over here.

Re: HELLO NC BRIDES! Come out and say hello :)

  • It is SUPER slow!

    My name is Lizzy and my FI is Ryan.  We met while we were both students at NC State, but we both grew up in Charlotte (well he grew up in Davidson just outside clt). We got engaged September 7, 2013  and will be getting married July 19, 2014!

     It's just around the corner and we're super excited! The ceremony is at St. Mark Catholic Church in Huntersville and the reception is at the Embassy Suites Concord Golf Club & Spa.  We have two priests celebrating the wedding both from NC State which will be great! 

    Our colors are purple, orange, and green! Very bright, bold, and fun! Perfect for the summer.  But I know they sound crazy at first. 

    We're apartment shopping on top of wedding planning as well! So if anyone knows of some awesome apartments/townhomes/condos in the Lake Norman area that'd be great! :)
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    @itslizzC Yes! We were looking for a house (to rent) last August and it was so stressful. It is so hard to find something that a) you both like b) wil let us bring our pets c) is in the country d) has a yard and e) is in our price range!

    On top of wedding plannig I have my best firend's wedding in Septmeber, FI's sister's wedding in October, and completeing my first year employed full time post-grad (which my job is in event planning)! Crazy year.

  • Hi!  My name is Tami and my FI is Ed.  We met in July 2012 on the set of Nicholas Sparks' "Safe Haven".  We got engaged on November 30, 2013 and will be married on November 22, 2014.  Our wedding (ceremony and reception) will be at the Southport Community Building in Southport, NC.  Our colors are charcoal and yellow, and we are doing a daisy theme.  

    We are both so excited, and can't wait for November to get here!  I was originally hoping for a September wedding date, but I've found that venues book up so fast around here.  Nov 22 was the first Saturday available in the fall.  

    We've had fun so far with the planning, although sometimes I wish I could get everything planned and locked in now!  :)  
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    Sorry, my computer double-posted!
  • Hey Tami, My FI's name is Ed too!!! My name is Kiera and we are both from Pittsburgh, Pa as our our families. Fi's sister moved to the Raleigh area after college and his parents followed after she had her 2nd kid. We are total beach bums!!! Our first vacation together was to OC, Maryland, then 2 years later we vacationed @ Hilton Head with FI's family for his cousins wedding and that is when he decided he wanted to propose on the beach. We met in the fall of 2007, got engaged in 2012 at Wrightsville Beach and are getting married in September 2014 at Ocean Isle beach. The reason it's taken so long for us to get to this point is that FI had just gotten out of a bad relationship and begun divorce proceedings, so this is his 2nd wedding, my first and definitely only wedding. We are soul mates, best friends and lovers, its hard to imagine a time when he wasn't in my life.
  • Hi guys! Selena here! I met my fiancé at school in Chapel Hill (also making a movie, @Tami212, but just a student movie!) and we're getting married in August at the NC Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill. I alternate between being excited and stressed out of my mind! :)
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