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Alaskan summer wedding candles issue, please help!

Hi friends!

This is the first time I've used a message board, but I am not very creative and I'm totally out of ideas. So some background - I'm getting married this June in Alaska. The reception will be from 4-8pm. If you're unfamiliar with Alaskan summers, it almost never gets dark. But, I have this vision in my head of candle-lit everything. I know that it won't look good because the sun will be shining until 11pm, so I need some help in keeping a woodsy-Alaskan-cozy feel while avoiding candles. There will be plenty of mason jars and Alaskan flowers, but I had a vision of hanging three of these: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/5e/f4/f4/5ef4f440c18b4e4b07cb3a11144c4052.jpg above each table, as a hanging centerpiece. Here in lies my issue: the candles won't look right if it's nearly daylight. The reception will be inside but the location has windows, which look weird if they're covered up. So lots of daylight coming in.

Does anyone have any ideas about what to put inside these gorgeous glass globes? They'll be above a tablescape with a mason jar of irises and other flowers with two smaller mason jars flanking them with pebbles, an inch of water, and a floating tea candle. 


Re: Alaskan summer wedding candles issue, please help!

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