review of Cuvee, the Box and the Shorwood pavilion?

I have been looking at these venues and I've got either got appointments or am thinking about making one with these three and I was wondering if anyone had any reviews or experiences with them? Especially the Box because they have a reasonable price for their location but seem to do mainly art and trunk shows. Thanks.

These are all in downtown milwaukee by the way.

Re: review of Cuvee, the Box and the Shorwood pavilion?

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    I've been to a wedding at Cuvee and it was very pretty, but extremely tight. They had food stations set up for dinner and while in line I felt like I was right on top of people while they were sitting at their tables. But I think it would be perfect for a smaller wedding. The ceremony was in the back part of the venue, then they shuffled everyone out to the front for cocktails while they changed the room into the reception. It was nice that everything was all in one place and the space is very beautiful. 

    When you say Shorewood Pavilion... where are you talking about exactly? South Shore Park in Bayview? If that is where you are talking about, it is not in downtown Milwaukee if that matters to you; it is in Bayview.  Or are talking about Hubbard Park, which is in Shorewood, not Milwaukee? But if location isn't a factor for you, that wouldn't matter anyways.

    What kind of vibe/ look at you looking for? Something like Cuvee or the Box would feel more upscale and classy. South Shore Park, while having a beautiful location on the lake, is.. not so well taken care of (to put it nicely) on the inside so you wouldn't have the same feel. It is also right next to a playground so if you have the ceremony outdoors you may have lots of kids in the background. Also, there are public bathrooms in the entrance of South Shore Pavillion and you would risk randoms walking in to your wedding to use the bathroom. 

    I had never heard of the Box until I read this post, but it looks gorgeous! Hopefully you get a chance to go see it in person. Just remember the rental cost may be very cheap but since it is just an empty space you will have to rent EVERYTHING (chairs, tables, dishes, glasses, tablecloths, napkins, etc) so that will alter price drastically. 
    Good luck :) 
  • We had our wedding at Cuvee a couple years ago. It was just the vibe we were going for: classy, urban, modern. The space was great for our number (we had about 110 guests) and I think it would work for up to about 140 or 150. More than that, and you'd be pretty crammed in. I would certainly recommend the venue, but keep in mind that the alcohol prices are pretty steep.
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