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Getting in Shape


Hey Ladies,
I have been trying to lose weight for years. I work out, cut calories, and nothing. I have tried T25 and the 21 day fix with no results. I have finally given into trying to add a diet pill to the mix to see if it helps. I see a lot of reviews for the Rapid release by hydroxycut. I'm not taking the recommended does of 3 X Day because I eat dinner late and know I won't be able to sleep because of the caffeine. I see a lot of good reviews on google but who knows if those are true. Any of you have luck with this? I just need something to help kick start my metabolism.
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Re: Hydroxycut

  • @shrekspeare, ED? what other drugs? you can message me instead of posting on here if you are not comfortable. I am on no other drugs besides birth control. I refuse to drink ant other caffeine drinks like energy drinks on these and am not a coffee drinker. Purging?
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  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    Diet pills are not the answer.  If you have tried the right way to lose weight (eat cleanly, working out, etc) and your weight isn't budging then you should visit your doctor to see if there is an underlying factor.

    I do not believe diet pills work.  They are filled with things that you have no way of knowing if they will do damage to your body and really only provide a placebo effect rather then really work.

    Weight loss does not happen over night.  There is no quick fix.  And depending on how much you have cut your calories, that could be the reason why your metabolism has slowed.

    Either talk to your doctor or speak to a nutritionist/dietitian to get some expert advice on what and how much you should be eating.

  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    Another vote for no diet pills. They are terrible for you. If you are really concerned about loosing weight meet with a personal trainer or a nutritionist to get you on the right track
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  • Eh, all Hydroxycut does is make you sweat really bad. Who knew that the tips of your elbows could sweat??

    Don't waste your money on this, or on Jillian Michael's 14 Day Cleanse & Burn either. It all comes down to a lifestyle change-  mostly in the form of what you eat. 

    Things that are bad:
    Carbs, Sugar, Sodium

    When you cut calories, did you count your carbohydrate intake? Those little fuckers are sneaky & mean like to set up housekeeping right around your hips, stomach, & ass. (or at least those were their favorite destinations in my body!) 

    Also- try not to eat so late at night. 

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  • Your net daily intake should be no fewer than 1200 calories. That is after accounting for calories burned via exercise. Anything less than that can cause your metabolism to slow and/or really zap your energy. Stay away from the diet pills and focus on calories in versus calories out by exercising regularly and opting for more nutritionally dense foods.
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  • I agree with PP- and I had a really hard time losing weight for a long time.  I have a thyroid issue.. which they treated and still no luck.  I *thought* I was doing the right things.  Then I bought a food scale and followed nutrition.gov and used the Super Tracker.  I get on the elliptical about a half hour a day 5 days a week and sometimes do other things (Pilates, work outside, whatever).  The other big difference... i drink A LOT more water these days. Back to that food scale- I was amazed at what 3oz of cooked meat looked like and how different it looked between fish, chicken, and steak.  For the first few weeks I weighed EVERYTHING and stuck to my exact plan that I created using the website as a guide. Now, I've gotten used to what things look like and can track most of it in my head and do fine.  I've lost almost 40 lbs since the beginning of the year and am maintaining about a 1-2 lb a week pace. It's working and it really isn't a diet anymore.. it's just what I do.  I still have treats and eat out but I am a lot wiser in my choices when I do. 

    And diet pills... they gave me palpitations too... see a doctor to get things checked out, and then really look carefully at what you are eating and how much.  My food choices were always pretty healthy, I just ate waaay too much of them. :)
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  • There are more natural supplements you can take/use to boost your energy and weight loss that are MUCH MUCH cheaper than hydroxy cut and other weight loss pills. You can get Whey protein stuff to make protein shakes that will fill you up, also I've read that Apple Cider Vinegar is really helpfull, the dollar store sells it in pill form, idk if I could actually drink the stuff tho like is recommended. Another thing that helps me is a green tea supplement, also from the dollar store, it boosts energy and metabolism so you can burn more calories.

    Like everyone else has said tho it comes down to lifestyle change, healthy eating and exercise. Even when it's cold out I try (sometimes i give in to laziness due to the cold) to park far away from the entrance to work, the grocery store, etc so i get some exercise in,  also take the steps instead of the elevator/escalator, if the only choice is elevator or escalator then walk up the escalator. It doesn't seem like much but every little bit helps.
  • I also thought I had a hard time losing weight since I had been the same exact weight since high school. I just figured that was going to be my normal weight and even when I ate really good and exercised like mad (marathon and triathlete!) I still wasn't losing. 

    Turns out I wasn't really eating all that good and exercise doesn't really negate fries and ice cream! In order to really figure out my flaws I had to get strict about weighing and measuring food. In addition to counting calories, I also count protein, sugar and fiber. I wear a heart rate monitor at the gym so I know how many calories I actually burned (not what the treadmill says as it's always inflated) 

    I found a program called Jamie Eason's 12 week body transformation which is were I learned how to eat clean (reduce sugar and carbs and sugar is in everything!!)  and the right portions and also how to build muscle (which changed my body shape) and then lose fat. You can't do both at the same time, which is why the program takes 12 weeks. 

    If you have 3-6 months before your wedding, give it a try! Also buy a food scale and measuring cups. 

    I have lost 10 pounds in 4 months and I've lost close to 3 inches off my waist! My back, arms and legs have nice muscle definition. I look fit, not bulky or ripped. 

    Bottom line is losing weight is super hard. And I do believe it is harder for some people but if really commit to it, you will get there. 

  • Don't give in to the temptation of pills.
  • SAY NO TO DIET PILLS. Weight loss takes time and effort. No pill will help. AND they are so very unhealthy.

    I use sparkpeople.com . It pretty much does everything above that PP have posted. You are forced to measure and track what you eat - showing calorie, carb, fat and protein intake. It has great articles, suggested meals, recipes, inspirations, workouts - you name it. And it's free. It's the basic science of calories / calories out. You CAN do this. No magic pill needed!
  • FiancBFiancB MinnesOOOta member
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    I gave in to diet pills  First I tried Alli, which if you do the math is really not going to make a difference AND it makes you crap your pants. Then I tried Hydroxycut, which is really just a glorified diuretic. I lost like 3 lbs overnight but they came right back. 

    Are you measuring your food? Do you wear a heart rate monitor? Most calorie burn calculators are highly inaccurate, including those on cardio machines. 

    I counted calories for a long time. Personally it stresses me out and, long story short, makes me more likely to binge. So I've been focusing more on eating clean and working out a lot. While I don't think it's long term, drinking lots of water and cutting way back on carbs can make me instantly drop a few, and while it's probably not "real" it's a much healthier short term slimdown than diet pills are. 
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