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Another DB warning

I thankfully did not get my dress from David's. However, we found a lovely prom dress for my niece. It is stunning. At least it was until the alterations department got their hands on it. My sister paid $600 for the dress with alterations. When we went to pick it up last weekend the beading was still falling off, the zipper was pulling away and exposed, it was 2 inches too short and they completely destroyed the hem of her beautiful gown! Prom is this weekend and she may or may not have a dress. They had another one shipped from a store on the west coast however we are not optimistic it will work. My lovely niece is being rather pig headed about the entire thing and refuses to have any other dress. That's not entirely true. She did find a $2000 wedding dress (for prom!!!) to which my sister said no. So a word of caution...if you get a dress from David's take it elsewhere for your alterations.
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