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How did you decide hair? XP

Hi there,
This is more of just general advice-seeking.

HOW did you choose what hairstyle to wear? Honestly, picking my dress was easy, but I'm totally overwhelmed with Pins and Knot-pictures of hair styles.  
My FI would prefer I wear my hair down. But, I want to dance all night and think that any curls might look sloppy by the end of the night, or my neck will get sweaty.  I also don't want to do anything that would "date" my 'do (kind of like how brides from the early-2000's all have a top-knot of tight curls). 

Low, messy bun?
Low curls?
Half up, with curls?
Smooth and elegant?
Loose and romantic?

If it helps any, my dress is a sheath with beading and I'll be wearing family pearls, and instead of a veil I have a jeweled headband.  OVERWHELMED.

Thanks in advance! 

Re: How did you decide hair? XP

  • I prefer updos with wedding gowns.  I don't get the point of wearing a gorgeous (and formal) gown and then having your hair down and slightly curled like you would for any other day of the week.  I feel like your hair needs to be just as elegant as your dress.

    For me, I liked the smooth/soft and elegant look.  I also wanted my hair to be parted off to one side.  I think a slicked back look only looks good on certain individuals and I am not one of them.  Also a swept to the side updo is a bit more soft in my opinion.

    I think for your dress you need to have something simple and elegant so I would do a low side bun or just a low updo.  Something like this maybe...

  • That's super pretty! It would work with my headband for sure. Thank you!

  • I'm going with a soft, low bun.  Not too messy, maybe a few loose tendrils here and there.  Something like this:
     I am one of those girls that hates most updos, but this one is cute. Maybe a little less neat and it would be perf.

    I like the formality of an updo, but not the austerity of a sleek and straight updo (like this):

    This may work for a different girl's head, but not mine.  I look like a grape when I pull my hair back too severely.  My hair is also really thick, and I have a lot of it, so a low updo works well for me.  
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  • Ooo Marzipan that top photo is gorgeous...

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  • I want to do something that still looks like "me" but a nicer version.  I also know that my hair does NOT curl, so I don't want to fight with it on such an important day.

    I'm planning to have it half up with some pieces over lapped and pinned on the back.
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    I plan on wearing my hair half up and curled. I wear my hair in a messy bun almost every day so I don't really want to have it up. FI also really likes when I wear my hair down. I didn't want it completely down because I didn't want it in my face or bothering me. I never curl my hair so it will still be way fancier than I normally wear my hair. This is what I'm doing:

    ETA: My dress is also very plain so I won't be covering up anything or competing with any details on my dress.
  • I like Maggie's hair... I have not picked THE dress yet, but I know I definitely want strapless with a sweetheart neckline, and I have looked at TONS of styles online. I want to go with something that will complement my gown as well as my style and personality. I want to still look like me on my wedding day, and since I'm just a wash-n-wear, throw on some chap stick and roll kinda girl, I want something that is "easy" looking. And since I have straight hair with side-sweapt bangs to begin with, I really love the suggestion Maggie posted as well as her hair in the pic.
  • I'm still debating- I thought it would be an up-do because it seems easiest to not mess with all day...BUT the only time I ever wear my hair up is in a ponytail for the gym- most of the time my hair is down. I still want to look like me...
  • For me, I've never been one for updos. I don't like most wedding hair though. It all just seems too I don't know, "frilly" to me. I'm doing a low side fishtail braid with a few flowers in it. I'd rather do my hair in a way that feels more "me"... so go with what you're comfortable with. I know I would feel super uncomfortable with an overabundance of curls or an updo, which is why I will not be doing either.


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