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Finally! Checking difficult tasks off.

I met with a florist way back in January that I knew I'd want to work with (awesome personality, great prices compared to most in my very expensive market, got what I was going for) but was having a really hard time with my color-palette (off-white dress and bright blue bridesmaids dresses that have black lace overlay... for a fall wedding?  okay self, interesting choices here.) and couldn't commit to flowers.  I FINALLY just sent her my list of things I'd like to adjust from her original quote that I think will really bring it all together.  I've been in contact with her and told her I knew I wanted to work with her but this was really way overdue.  I think it helped that I picked up my dress yesterday (squeel!) so I could visualize how things will go together.

What wedding tasks have you had the hardest time checking off?

Re: Finally! Checking difficult tasks off.

  • That is good to hear that you got something like that overwith! I love checking things off.  The one thing that I am having a hard time with is invitations.  I really just do not like anything I am seeing.  I do not even think I am being picky, I just feel so 'eh' about them.  I need to start making some decisions soon.

    Your bridesmaids dresses sound very pretty! If it makes you feel any better, I am not really having a traditional "fall" color for my bridesmaid dress either- the color is rose petal- kind of like a mauvey deep pink color.

  • I am feeling the exact same way about invitations! I just placed an order to have samples sent from David's Bridal, and Minted. But I'm not in love with anything I have looked at. I'm still searching for different companies... I didn't like anything from Wedding Paper Divas. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • I ended up going with invitations from David's Bridal, and honestly couldnt be more happy with them. I got one with ribbons and naturally it was a pain in the butt to individually wrap each ribbon on each invitation but they look great once everything is put together! 

    We have our Food and Cake Tasting, and Floral meeting in May so I will be able to finish invitations after we figure out what meals we want to have, since we are having a sit down. I still need to do alterations, figure out shoes, and get things done for the reception. We just figured out tuxes for the gentleman and my bridesmaids have gotten their dresses. Things are coming along! 
  • SAME with invitations! I ordered a bunch of samples but finding anything I like still. I want something simple and not too modern. I found another site the other day www.theamericanwedding.com. They have some invites that are different that the standard davids, minted, and wpd.
    I still need shoes - bane of my existence right now. Why do they not make bridal wedges that are reasonable. The ones I keep finding are ridiculously high 3.5+ heel or $600+ ummmm no thank you!
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  • Hardest one:  Getting FI to go to the store to pick a suit!

    Last time he tried one on was when he was 60 lbs heavier so he's been a bit reluctant just based on his past experience.  Today, I finally convinced him thanks to a 60% off sale and his $650 suit cost us $290 including alterations.

    Based on my TK checklist, next thing on my list is addressing invitations and I don't need to do that until the summer!  

  • Right now it's flowers/florist and our engagement pics.

    I love flowers, but no idea what I want---- fresh or silk, pink or white, floral or non floral centerpieces, and that itty bitty thing called a budget! I'm just going to have to pull the trigger and start meeting with florists.

    We finally scheduled our engagement pics for the end of May, but not sure where we want to take them or what we want to wear....decisions, decisions!

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    I find it so hard to relate to women who seem to have such a certain image and "just can't find anything that I like!" I really could not care less about invitations, flowers, or really even the cake. I like pretty much anything that's not hideous, so decisions are pretty easy for me in all that.

    Granted, it's hard for me to answer our florist or baker, since they ask what I want and I'm like "I don't know, I like this, I like this" and I'll show them totally conflicting pictures that I like, so I think it confuses them.

    Really, I just want to show up and have a good time.
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