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New Jersey

New Jersey Wedding Venues Prices and Suggestions Help!

Hi all,

I'm newly engaged (November 2013) and hoping to plan a November Friday 2015 Wedding.

My price per plate is about 130 ( +service +tax). Any suggestions?

So far I have looked at the Crystal Plaza and Naninas in the Park.

Also thoughts on Il Villagio, Westmount Country Club, Seasons, and the Palace? Anybody have any experience with these places and are they within my budget? The one thing I really would love is a great venetian hour.

Thanks so much!


Re: New Jersey Wedding Venues Prices and Suggestions Help!

  • Check out Primavera Regency. I am having a Saturday night November 2015 wedding there and it is within your budget.

    Food is amazing and they do offer an amazing Venetian hour.

    I am not sure about prices of the others above but The Palace is going to be way over your budget. I have a friend that got married there and it was $185 a person after she picked all her add ons.
  • Westmount is also over that. The cheapest they offered me when I was looking was $155 for a Friday in March.

    Seasons might be do-able on a Friday.

    You might want to try Il Tulipano - their Viennese is INSANE and I think a Friday would be in your budget.

    I went to a wedding at Primavera Regency and there was literally an entire room of dessert. It was great, so I second Jenn's suggestion.

    Also check out the Knoll (that is where our wedding is and it's well under your budget - big Viennese there too). And Richfield Regency (that was our 2nd choice).
  • ctr24ctr24
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    I've looked at some of those places and got pricing for Sat night in Feb/March, which is probably close or a little more than a Friday in November pricing.  

    Westmount you could probably negotiate them into your range for a Friday in November wedding. For a Sat Feb they were under $130 +++ but when we asked about March they were more. I'd definitely recommend checking them out, at least for the samples of food they give out during the tour. Their base menu is really extensive and includes their Venetian hour.  

    Also, if you're really into food I think you'd enjoy speaking to Albert Manzo at the Brownstone. When we met with him, you can really tell that he's passionate about what he serves. It's in your budget and he was really willing to cater to whatever food was special to us. If that's Venetian hour for you, I have no doubt he would put something great together for you. 

    You might also want to check out the Atrium. We were quoted within your budget for their Platinum Package. Menu is available at their website and has a lot of Venetian hour options. 

  • Megalega14Megalega14
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    I booked the atrium last year for my July 25 wedding this year. 80 per person for platinum package with amazing Venetian hour. Plus, it's only one wedding wedding at a time and you can use the outside if weather permits!
  • Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

    I should probably mention the number of guest (bride brain) I'm looking to invite 250 and gurantee 200
  • You can probably get Primavera for $100-$115 a person guaranteeing that many on a Friday. I guaranteed 100 on a Saturday and it is $120 a person plus tax and gratuity. I believe the room comfortably holds 250 and it is 1 wedding a night.
  • I'm getting married at Seasons this September (Saturday night) and my cost per person with tax, gratuity and the Viennese hour was about $200. I'm not sure of the price difference for a Friday evening but I know it's slightly cheaper.
  • everafter418everafter418
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    I booked Valley Regency in Clifton NJ for  Saturday Night in April 2015. They gave me a great price for November too but idr it. The outside is amazing! My sister is getting married at the Westmount CC in July on a Thursday. Only way she was able to get a good price.
  • njmelnjmel
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    I'm not sure if Highlawn Pavilion can accommodate 200 people, but if so the price chart I have for a Friday night in November is $99pp. The Viennese table is an extra $10pp but they gave it to me...they were very easy to work with. Paul is wonderful. Tell him what you want and he'll give it to you. The food is excellent (rated top 1% in North America) and the chef is from the Culinary Institute of America in NY (my FMIL works there). I'm very happy with everything so far.
  • I am getting married at the Valley Regency in Clifton NJ. Check it out
  • dalm0mdalm0m
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    The Madison Hotel in Convent Station but you will have to be in the ballroom.  The glass room only holds 175.
  • il tulipano has an unreal venetian hour. i am having mine there this coming summer.

    a friday in an off season is around 130 i think.

  • We booked the IL Villaggio for a Friday night in October. They can accommodate your amount of guests and are within your budget. The place and the food are amazing! Good Luck!
  • Mayfair Farms in west orange was around $100 pp for my wedding, but that was for a Friday night in November which was off peak. Everyone loved the food and had a great time :)
  • @Miclan88 I know you mention November but did you have an indoor or outdoor ceremony at Mayfair Farms?
  • I would look into the Tides in North Haledon. We are having our wedding there. It is pretty fairly priced and they generally will negotiate with you. 
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