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When it's over

wanted to ask some who recently got married...

we booked a bus for our guests to get back to the hotel.  we found that more people than expected are staying at the hotel, so we called the company to see if they could provide another or a larger bus to accomodate.  of course, the ones they have are larger than the one we got but not enough for everyone, essentially doubling our cost.

i called some other vendors and found one that would only cost us an extra $270 bucks, but it is a no-wait price..meaning we need to be there, ready to board when they arrive.  in order to accomodate that, i'm thinking i'd set a time 15-20 mins after the reception ends.  is that ample time for everyone to clear out and for us to settle anything we need to do when the party ends?  im not sure if people usually stick around to socialize and such.


Re: When it's over

  • Can your shuttle take more than 1 trip? We're using a school bus to shuttle our guests and it's going to run continuous loops from 8:30pm-1:00am. Our reception is ending around 10:30-11:00 but we figured some people might want to leave early and others may want to stick around the area (there are a ton of bars close by).
  • I also had mine do a continuous loop. It shuttled until there was no one left to shuttle!

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