EEPPP! I hate being the center of attention.

Hi all, 
This is my first post and I just need a few pointers.  I am NOT a fan of everyone looking at me, getting pictures taken of me and just being the center of attention in general.  This could prove to be a problem as we are having a rather large 300 person wedding/reception!  I never considered this to be a problem until I went to try on dresses.  My initial shopping trip was with just my mom, and that was ok, but then after I found the dress I had about 15 of my closest girls/family come check it out and give the thumbs up.  That second time made me feel incredibly nervous, uncomfortable and scared, with everyone crying and awing over me.  Has anyone had these feelings? If so, what are you doing or have you done to get over these feelings? I just want to feel comfortable in the spotlight since it will be for a whole day!   
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