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Anyone have short hair?

And plan to keep it short for the wedding?

I have my hair in a pixie cut and plan to keep it in a pixie for my wedding. It's always pretty short and I like it that way. I might even go a bit shorter then it is now. I saw Jaime Presley's haircut and it looks adorable! It's a little shorter then I have mine now.

But, while I love my hair short, the wedding industry seems to think I want long hair for my wedding. I keep seeing tips on growing it out, getting extensions, ect. Now look, if you have/want long hair, and you like it, rock it, I'm not hating on longer hair at all. But for me, I don't like the way it looks on me, I don't like the upkeep and I like my pixie cut. So...anyone else out there rocking their short locks?

I'm think of possibly doing a faux hawk day of. I do my hair up like that sometimes and I like it. 

Re: Anyone have short hair?

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