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How to add Ikea gift registry to my registries page

meirdudaimeirdudai member
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Hi all,
Anybody knows how can I add my Ikea registry to my registries page at The Knot?
I can add Bed Bath, Macys etc, but can't find Ikea.


Re: How to add Ikea gift registry to my registries page

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    Do you have to include the link?  Can you just write in "We are also registered at Ikea?"

    I didn't even know Ikea did registries

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    I prefer to include a direct link because it is currently in they offer gift registry at Ikea Portland only. So not sure if my guests would understand where to search.
    If I need a link - can I add it on my web page?

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    Then why not just type the link directly onto the page (not clickable, but at least your guests could copy and paste it into the search bar)?

    @KnotPorscha, any help with this question or will she have to contact IT?

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    I actually saw now that it can be added manually - at the bottom of the registries page. A link can be added and you can choose a name for the registry. So i'll use this. 

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    edited April 2014
    @meirdudai the customer service team can help with this!  feel free to contact them at or  877-335-5252.
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