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Wedding Palette - Peach & Champagne + ?

Hi everyone! This is my first official post asking for wedding advice & I'm probably obsessing over silly details but please humor me :) 

I am trying to decide on a color palette. I am having a September wedding (FI wanted Fall so I agreed September should still be warm enough for me & I should have a bit of summer color leftover!) FI has said - "Do whatever you want with colors just don't make the whole wedding pink." He is also a football fan and said "The Redskins colors are fall colors, so..." Luckily he was mostly joking about a football themed wedding, haha. Anyways -- I was thinking elegant, romantic, and fun. I know I don't want leaves or pumpkins or typical fall decor (I've seen this look lovely, just not my style). For some reason I have been pretty stuck on the idea of peach and champagne and candlelight. I love lace and pearls so if I could incorporate those that would be awesome. However, I also want a "pop" color - something bright - I thought maybe shades of orange (FI's favorite color) or maybe coral? (Random note: I've thought about putting the BMs in blush - so maybe blush instead of or in addition to peach is an option?). Then I wondered if I wanted the bright color to stand out more (ex: saw a palette that included shades of peach and aqua - but FI said he doesn't like the aqua). Also, something that's been driving me nuts is that our venue has a lot of dark wood walls so I feel like I have to somehow incorporate brown into the mix (maybe with branches in the centerpieces?) 

I know I sound all over the place and am making this more difficult than it should be so to simplify - what color(s) do you think would work best with peach (and/or blush) & champagne to give a bit more "pop"? And do you think branches would be enough to bring brown into the decor without being too prominent? 

Thanks ladies! 

Re: Wedding Palette - Peach & Champagne + ?

  • I love those colors! I'm doing blush and gold so it's somewhat similar. My neutral is black which is what I think will make it "pop" or at least add some sharp contrast. I also think branches are a good idea, but not really necessary.
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  • penguin44penguin44 Kansas City member
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    I am doing white and gold with touches of navy. So navy is my color that will "pop" or contrast with most of the decorations. My BMs will be wearing navy dresses because it was the easiest to find. I don't think you need to worry about incorporating brown. The champagne and blush will go just fine. Not everything has to match exactly. 

  • Sounds super pretty! My colors are shades of pink, gold, and pops of red. Something like this

    Also agree with PP that the branches would be pretty but not necessary.
    Good luck!
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Maybe a pale blue
    Or green:
    floral wedding invitations with mint green, peach and champagne gold - Google Search
    Or mint:
    Color Story | Pink Loves Mint
    Party Palette | Mint, Peach and Antique Gold
    Or you could keep it with just the peach and champagne, perhaps add a few more neutral hues.  Example:
    Peach and Gold Wedding Inspiration
  • Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! There are so many gorgeous options! Looks like I just need to make a decision and stick with it :) 
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Our colors were champagne and coral. I got a lot of compliments on the brightness of my bouquet.
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  • Gold always pops and is soft and romantic still against peach.
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  • I like copper or bronze with blush and champagne... love subtle neutrals together. The shine can be what pops.

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