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  • I'm going through hormone therapy right now and, as one could assume, they make me all shades of cranky, moody, bitchy, hungry, weepy, hot, cold, etc. FI rubs my back, does the dishes (sometimes ;), brings me food, makes the bed... basically just any little chore that I typically do, he pitches in with and does a little extra! Plus, he puts up with a lady going through hormone therapy so that in itself should win him an award :)
  • My FI is studying hard for tests and doing well at vet school. He makes sure we talk every day. He is patient and understanding when I call and interrupt studying. He is working to make this weekend awesome. I haven't seen him in forever and he makes sure I know that he loves me, even when we can't be together. 

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  • And this is why FI makes me smile:

    FI: did you know Easter was on 4/20 this year?
    Me: yes
    FI: that is the stoner holiday
    Me: yes it is
    FI: we missed a golden opportunity didn't we?
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  • doeydo said:
    He kills any bugs that are in the house without any complaint.  He opens doors for me.  When we go somewhere like Tim Hortons, he knows I like a medium hot chocolate with two straws, but he asks me what I want every time we are in line; he also grabs the straws for me.  When we are walking, we always hold hands and he is sure to be the one nearer to the traffic in case a car runs off the road or something.  
    Fi does this too!  I think it's kind of morbid that he even thinks about that, but it's really sweet.

    He works in a field that isn't particularly interesting to him, because he knows we really need him to have a stable job.  He is supporting the lion's share of our financial needs while I'm in law school.

    He notices when I'm stressed and does the little things that really help: he'll clean the house, make dinner, take me to a movie when he knows I just need to stop thinking about school/work.

    He's insanely smart, gives himself random historical research projects just for fun, loves to get both of us outside on the weekends.  He treats his elders with respect and is a role model for his younger family members. He's a caring godfather/uncle to his family's LOs, and he has helped my little sister move like five times in the last two years.  
    DH does this as well. He says his grandpa taught him that the man always has to be closest to the road to protect a lady from any cars that come off the road.

    DH is the most generous person I know. He goes above and beyond to help out any friends or family in need. 

    He isn't very good at doing chores, but he is the master of the vacuum. It is ridiculously cute when he vacuums because he is so proud of the clean floors when I get home and is always like "did you notice? . . . did you notice how nice and clean the floors are today?"

    I go to bed earlier than him. He always tucks me in and makes sure I don't need anything before I go to sleep.

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    He's really good at making things better when I'm stressed out. He'll take things off my plate, call people to make sure things get done, clean the house, cook dinner- etc, if he knows I'm overwhelmed. I had to go out of town on business a week before the wedding. I was a total mess- vendors were calling me, I was doing all the work for two people while the person who wasn't doing anything was getting all the praise, and what made things worse was that the work trip was to our favorite vacation destination- and I was going to all the places we usually went with out him.

    I came home to a clean house, laundry done, wedding tasks complete and a bouquet of flowers on the table. 
  • I could go on and on. My FI is amazing. He's so sweet, even though he can be kind of hard headed sometimes. He's honestly the funniest person I know, he can always calm me down from a panic attack. And he has a wonderful mother and sister!
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    He's starting his own business, I'm scared for him, but he's so stinking smart that he will succeed no matter what he does. He was accepted to MIT but didn't want his parents to foot that bill, so he joined the military for 5 years, knowing they would pay for his school once he got out. I love that he was so thoughtful, resourceful and had/has so much humility.
  • I have to start by saying I LOVE the idea of this thread. And you all sound like you have some amazing FIs/DHs. I love reading this :)

     My DH truly treats me like a queen. I get up earlier than him, so he always makes the bed when he gets up. He will help with housework like vacuuming, dishes, taking out the trash, etc. without me even having to ask. He starts my vehicle in the morning and pulls it up to the walkway. He looks after the servicing and maintenance of the vehicles. He is really good at fixing things around the house. He states on a daily basis how much he appreciates me, how beautiful I am, and how lucky he feels to have me.  

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    I LOVE reading this thread.. there's so much happiness and love.. we're all very lucky! :)
    Now, for the bragging part.. ;) FI is the sweetest, selfless, most patient person I've ever met. We've been in a long distance relationship for about 2 years, and it's been very though but he always makes sure I know here's there for me. 
    Last saturday I has having one of THOSE days, horrible -I can't get up from bed- cramps, migraine and I was kind of stuck because my car was on the shop and I really didn't have the energy (or the will for that matter) to get up and walk the 5 blocks to the drugstore on the 98 degrees sun. 
    FI found a drugstore that made deliveries and accepted electronic payment because he didn't know if I had cash on me (he knows I have a debit card- little/no cash policy). Not only he had my medication delivered, but pizza, ice cream and a tulips bouquet (my favorite), everything to make a girl feel better on a crappy day;). I really don't know how he managed that, but he did. I'm so spoiled :)
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    FI was on the phone with an old grad school friend that he hasn't talked to in a long time. He called to ask about job openings in the area, and then went on to talk about how we're moving down there. He was in the next room so I don't think he knew I could hear him but he said "and you'll have to meet my fiancee. You'll really like her. She's *bleeping* awesome". 

    Made my day :D
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    DH is incredibly supportive.  I am the main breadwinner in our relationship and he tells me repeatedly how much he appreciates how hard I work for us.  He installed Waze on my phone so that when I'm travelling for work, he can track me so that if something happens, he'll know where I'm at (that sounds creepy but it's not - I spend a lot of time driving to the not fun places of South Louisiana).  On the drives home, he'll start telling me how excited he is as I get closer.

    I have narcolepsy and he has never, not once, let it get to him.  There are so many nights that I just can't go out or do what I said I would do and he just rolls with it.

    He's an IT guy - I never have to deal with wiring anything ever again.  He wasn't a handy guy but he's so interested in learning now that we have a house.  He's getting really into it.  I love that he'll call my dad and they'll go to Harbor Freight to get a new tool.

    He loves my family.  He'll stop by my parents' house on his way home from work just to see if they need anything.  Dad retired recently so they're doing work on the house and he'll swing by to see if he can help for a few minutes.  I'm really close to my parents (talk to them daily) and it means so much that he loves them too.
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    My FI is also a Mr. Fix-It... something my mother takes full advantage of!! My dad isn't quite as handy so she always has a "honey-do" list for my FI when he is over at their house.

    My FI is also really smart with engineering, mechanical, etc. type things. His dad is an entrepreneur with some pretty impressive products out there (Know what a paint stick is? Where you suck the paint up in the rod and slowly squeeze it out as you paint? That's his, among other things). FI has certainly followed in his footsteps and developed some impressive products.

    If any of you have ever been to Vegas, there are automated window cleaning systems on some of the hotels such as Wynn and Red Rock - they designed those systems and my FI built them. They're also in the midst of developing a cleaning system for the new High Roller.

    He also changes my oil, washes my car, and adores my little shit of a dog :)

    Hooray for awesome FIs/DHs!! We are lucky ladies!
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    I do brag on FI pretty much every chance I get. He's great at so many things and is the smartest person I know. He's insanely clean and organized and always put together. He has a really playful side and has a love for comics and batman. (I tell people I'm marrying a slightly toned down Sheldon from BBT) But the way he handles, what some would see as huge buzz kill situations, he handles in stride. 

    For his B-day, I bought tickets to a rock festival with some of his favorite bands. Excited doesn't describe how happy he was to go...flash forward two months and we're at the concert. Half way through the day, I get sick. The heat is getting to me and I'm light headed and have a pounding head ache. The last place I want to be is in front GIANT speakers listening to Theory of a Dead Man screaming at me...Most guys would have been really pissed that I was being such a party pooper. I didn't even have to say anything. He took a look at me an led me out of the crowd and got us some water and a snack and we sat at the very edge of the arena to cool off. He told me that he was glad to just to be there and as long as he could still hear the music he was happy. Two hours later after, multiple bottles of water, some food and a few Excedrin, we were back in the pit screaming along to Five Finger Death Punch.

    It wasn't a huge thing but, it meant a lot that he didn't get upset and even though he missed seeing a few of the bands, he was a really good sport. I know it's just caring about the other person but it was really sweet that he didn't make me feel bad or act disappointed. He waited until I felt better and even offered to leave the festival early. Idk he's really understanding and compassionate and it's a huge reason on why I love him so much. 
  • The best things: 1. He takes out the trash. I resent the fact that our unit is as far away from the dumpster as is humanly possible too much. He takes out the trash so I don't have to rage. 2. He dropped me off/picked me up from work today because my bus route is detoured and delayed in three different places and it was stormy today. 3. He makes pork chops that I actually like. 4. He reminds me to do basic adult tasks that I find rather challenging in the morning. Like take my meds and eat breakfast. 5. He brings me tea and garlic butter rice when I have a migraine and can't function enough to get my own food and caffeine. 6. He's going to plant and maintain a kitchen garden for me so I can have all the fresh herbs I want without having to garden. 7. He got me tickets to see my favorite baseball team for my birthday, even though he doesn't really like baseball, he didn't grow up around here so his nominal loyalties are with an entirely different team, and my birthday's in early April so it was 45 degrees at game time and I spend most of the game invading his personal space seeking warmth.
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