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My first snark, and it was actually tactful


Re: My first snark, and it was actually tactful

  • peachy13peachy13 in my cubicle, doing very important work
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    You're definitely not doing stuff too early! I'm getting married next October and have all my vendors booked already! People have actually told me better to do it now before the vendor you want gets booked by someone else. 

    It wouldn't surprise me if someone else told your MOH and BM that you were right to be doing these things so far in advance, maybe that shut them up. I wouldn't worry! You're also right that it's much better to do these things now while you have time. Last thing you want is to be running around a month before your big day.
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  • I got engaged in April and we are getting married June 2015.  I have the venue, catering, photographer, dress, and DJ done.  Our photographer and venue were hard to secure and we picked our date around them.  I actually like having so much done - it'll be a lot less stressful for me later on! I get anxious with big life changes (hello, marriage!) so minimizing stress will be ideal.  Nothing wrong with being ahead of the game :) 
  • I had about a year to plan from engagement date to wedding day.  I knocked the big items off my list really early (venue, dress, caterer, planner/organizer, invites, pianist, and wedding party).  All those things were basically set within the first 6 weeks.  That gave me the remainder of the year to pick away at details (decorations, menu, cake, programs, officiant, flowers, etc) as I had time.

    Honestly, the only time I ever felt stressed about anything was when MOB was being an unnecessary stress case.

    I think you're right to do things as you've done.  During those rare moments that you have time and need a break from work/school you'll be able to jump into smaller manageable wedding projects.
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