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Nevada-Las Vegas

Reviews Pt 2: Double Decker Bus / Earth Limos / The Buffet @Wynn

Double Decker Bus of Las Vegas (2 hours $318.60) – A+

I was a little apprehensive about my booking after reading @thesepinkdays ‘ bad review which was posted a day or two before our wedding (especially as I knew we had Mike as our driver). As it turns out I needn’t have worried.

When I first enquired a year ago I was conversing with Mike by email – he replied in good time and was very helpful in advising on what we were likely to be able to squeeze into our two hour timeslot based on our pick-up and drop-off locations. After booking, I was in contact with his wife Judy for all other enquiries and she always replied within 24 hours and was also very helpful. Two days prior to our wedding we called Mike as advised to meet him to drop off the drinks for the bus. He wasn’t able to meet us at the time we were going to be free (which was fine with us as we did leave it until the last minute to arrange), so he gave us the directions for the lot where he stores the buses and when we got there I called him and he gave us the combination for the padlock to let ourselves in and put the drinks on one of the buses. This all went smoothly and we were in and out in minutes. On the day, Mike turned up 10 minutes early whilst we were still sorting out our photos at the chapel, so our best man greeted him and our photographer took this opportunity to discuss photo stops during our strip tour. We were slightly disappointed that he didn’t bring the red bus that we had put our drinks on, instead it was a white one with a Famous Footwear ad splashed all over it. However, once getting on the bus I was quite pleased as it was in much better condition than the red bus we had been on a couple of days prior – a lot less dusty and a lot cleaner! (NB: whilst the red bus was dirty and dusty downstairs – the upstairs deck was clean and dust-free). Mike had brought along Judy and their son to help out on the bus and they were very friendly and helpful to us and all of our guests. They addressed our party at the beginning of the trip to congratulate us and explain everything and then a couple of other times to explain possible safety issues with the Bellagio and Wynn entrance/valet areas. They made the rules on not standing up very clear from the start, I know from previous reviews that people had been ‘got away with’ moving about on the bus at stop lights etc in the past but they are now very strict on this – it makes me wonder whether they have received some sort of fine or complaint to change this? Either way, we didn’t mind – safety first after all (!), our guests were very compliant and not being able to get up or move about didn’t hinder our enjoyment of the trip. We went to the sign first (very small queue, woohoo!) and then to the Bellagio, where we decided to spend quite a bit of time taking photos rather than having a quick stop in order to fit in an extra stop further down the strip – I am glad we did this as it meant we had a little longer on the bus taking in the sights and weren’t making our guests get on and off all the time (some of our guests chose to stay on the bus whilst we were parked up at the Bellagio to save going up and down the stairs again). We had to venture off the strip right at the end of the tour in order to make it to The Wynn within our two hour slot, which was a bit of a shame but I’d rather that than run over and have to pay extra! We arrived at The Wynn perfectly on schedule but Joey wanted to get a couple of shots of us two on the bus before it left and they had no problem with this. Just as a side note, my FI HUSBAND (!) purchased a GoPro camera for the trip and we clamped this to the front of the bus pointing at us and our guests and filmed most of the trip – the footage is fab!

Earth Limos (30 seater limo, 1 hour, $172) A-

Communication with these guys was a no-go by email (struggled to get timely, if any, responses) so I phoned them to book after getting a quote online and got it all sorted easily, they pulled up my quote whilst I was on the phone so I didn’t have to explain the details of the booking as they had it all in front of them on the computer screen. We booked their 30 seater limo (see pic) to take us back to The Mirage from The Wynn, but as they have a one hour minimum booking time we decided to go via Circus Circus for some photos with all the lights. The booking includes bottles of water but they also offer ‘Champagne’ at $8 a bottle so we had three of those too. The vehicle arrived on time, and our driver Eddy was very friendly and courteous, happily waiting whilst our guests took photos with the vehicle before we piled in. My only problem with this vendor is that I don’t think they should advertise the vehicle as 30-seater. We had a lot of difficulty squeezing our party of 28 in there, the majority of whom are not overweight or super tall. I discussed this with the driver as we got to The Mirage and he said that’s what the vehicle manufacturers say the car can hold, to which I responded that it doesn’t really matter what the manufacturers say – if your clients aren’t going to be able to fit 30 average sized people in there they won’t be happy! I think they should advertise it as 25 at the most – we managed to seat 27 of our party but it was a big squeeze, and the best man had to sit on the cool box that the drinks were in! I don’t know what we would have done if there had been two more people with us. Regardless, we had great service from this company and a lot of fun on the journey and I would use them again.

The Buffet @ Wynn  (semi-private room, VIP package $53.99 per person) – A+

We didn’t want a full on wedding reception or sit-down meal in Vegas and the semi-private room at The Wynn Buffet worked out to be the perfect thing. I booked through their restaurant events manager Idania, who was very helpful and quick to respond to emails. When we needed to add 7 extra guests to our original booking a month out from our wedding it was no problem, and when we then needed to add another guest a week later she ran the payment quickly with no fuss. The VIP package includes queue jump, use of the semi-private room, and one alcoholic drink per person. The list of drinks that Idania provided (Champagne, mimosa, sangria or bloody mary) differed to what we were offered on the day (Champagne, red wine, white wine, beer) but this worked out for the best as the latter list suited our guests’ tastes better. I’m pretty sure a couple of guests ordered a second drink but I wasn’t presented with a bill before we left so unless they paid for them with cash we might have had a couple of freebies! The food was enjoyed by all, which was no surprise based on the reviews I’ve seen of this buffet. I had been wondering if the room needed some decoration to make it seem a bit more ‘weddingy’ (I was thinking maybe a few balloons or rose petals) but in the moment I barely noticed, and our bouquets placed our table added to the atmosphere. I should note that the room was made up of two long tables of 10 and two smaller tables of 4, the room cannot accommodate tables that seat more than 10 people. 





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   UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!

Re: Reviews Pt 2: Double Decker Bus / Earth Limos / The Buffet @Wynn

  • I love all of your reviews! We are fetting married on the 17th and I've sharedyourreviews withmy FI, and he is stoked about Battlefield Vegas.
  • Thanks @laurengarciakrueger - all of my hubby's mates really enjoyed Battlefield Vegas, I think it's a really good option!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • I am soooo happy the bus worked out for you! I'm sorry If I caused you any added stress with my review!
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  • a13049a13049 member
    250 Love Its 100 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    I'm so happy I saw your review. I am leaning toward booking earth limo four our strip photo tour. I was thinking of upgrading to a larger vehicle to give my guests more comfort and now I for sure will. Do you know if they will allow you to bring other alcohol onto the bus? I know some of our guest prefer beer so I was hoping could pick some up the day before
  • @thesepinkdays - if anything it was really useful seeing your review as I was aware of the issues should they have arisen for me too, and it didn't really stress me out, just wish things had been better for you!

    @a13049 - yeah definitely go for a larger vehicle if you can afford it! I'm not sure of the alcohol situation, you'll have to ask them :)

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
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