I Survived Nursing School!!!!

I just got the official "congratulations, you passed!" e-mail from my last semester instructor.... Pinning Friday night... Graduation Saturday morning! AND my wedding planning is almost complete. WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally BREATHE (until NCLEX time anyways!)
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Re: I Survived Nursing School!!!!

  • Congrats!!!! I'm in the same boat, my final is tomorrow and pinning is Saturday. I can't wait to put it behind me and focus on NCLEX and finishing up planning the wedding!
  • Congrats!!!! I huge weight has been lifted.
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  • Congraulations to you both!!!! So exciting! I just took my final for first semester ADN last night , and begin my summer accelerated second semester on Monday :) Good luck to you both !!!!
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    I am in nursing school and waiting to get there!! I am planning our wedding for after my graduation in December 2015.. It is still such a long ways away but I am so so excited! Congrats on passing nursing school!!!

  • Thank you! Passed boards last month and start my new job in the ER on Monday! Yay!! Ready for our honeymoon already!
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