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Las Vegas Spa recommendations?


I am looking to book into a Spa before the big day with the girls, has anyone got any recommendations?

There will be three of us going to the spa and I'd like to pay for it all (without breaking the bank!) I've had a look at a few online but not too sure which one to go with?

I'm staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and I've seen they have a spa, has anyone been there?

All recommendations welcome!

Thanks for your help guys,

Dee. x

Re: Las Vegas Spa recommendations?

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    I didn't use the spa but had a spray tan and makeup in their salon, both were fab I'd love to go back. I'm sure if you had a minimum spend of approx $80/100 in the salon you could use the sauna etc free of charge prior to your salon treatment. Unfortunately I didn't get to use this as a sauna didn't sound like a good idea before a spray tan or on my wedding day!
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    I have been to the Caesar's spa and the Aria one. Caesar's is amazing, very dark and quiet, lots of different steam rooms and pools/hot tubs. I actually went the day before my wedding and I entered completely stressed out and left 2 hours later feeling completely mellowed out.

    The Aria spa is nice too. It's smaller than the one at Caesar's and the showers aren't as clean. It's a little brighter too and can feel more crowded, and it gets loud at times because it is next to a club or beach or something that plays loud music, even during the day. But it has an outdoor pool, and some nice meditation rooms (which Caesar's doesn't).

    If I was forced to choose between the two I'd probably pick Caesar's but they are both great. I haven't heard anything about other spas on the Strip.
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    Canyon Ranch Spa at Palazzo is amazing. Incredibly clean, includes a rock wall, healthy restaurant, gym, spa area. Really top-end.

    The spa at the Palms is pretty cool too - it's upstairs and has an open-air whirlpool (if they haven't changed it from when I was first here 7 years ago) along with all the bells & whistles inside. Super-fancy rainfall showers, great decor, very relaxing. More affordable than Canyon Ranch.

    However, if you don't want to break the bank, consider A Touch of Vegas Spa. It's just off the Strip. It's a bit more rock n roll theme, but I had a great massage there, very professional.
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