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Hi! I'm sorry if something similar to this has already been posted! My fiance and I are getting married early next January (01/03/15), and will be leaving on the 4th for our 6 or 7 night honeymoon. We definitely want to go somewhere beachy and warm. My dream honeymoon is unfortunately in the Maldives and a little too expensive (http://reethirah.oneandonlyresorts.com/). Considering our length, anywhere in this area also seems to be a little too much time wasted on a plane anyway. BUT, that is the general feel I am going for (style, etc.). I'm not a fan of the ultra modern, white rooms, and am also hoping to avoid the chain romance resorts (Sandals, Secrets). I would be fine with an AI, but my fiance and I don't drink, and we're not sure if you can work down the rate after taking that into consideration? We are very graciously being gifted at least half of our honeymoon (we'll be poor college grads), and hoping to stay between $5-7000. I feel like I've looked at every resort on the planet, so I would love some winter honeymoon suggestions!!

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  • Not sure where you are getting married (knowing would help, since it sounds like you need to minimize your travel time with only 6 days for honeymoon) but Mexico could be a great option for you.  There are some great AIs down there, and you may be able to negotiate since you don't drink, but you could also consider renting a villa or something through Air BnB (or find a great guesthouse through hostelbookers, which I've done with great success before-though in Romania).  In fact, that's probably what I'd do-this would allow you to be budget friendly and have a ton of $$ left over for eating out, etc.  

    I love the privacy of renting a cottage or house, and I actually always really like having a kitchen if we get sick of eating out, which I usually do on vacation.  It's nice to be able to get your own breakfast foods or snacks, and then eat out for bigger meals (dinner, or lunches on the go).
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    Ah, yes that would probably help! We'll be in Atlanta, so fortunately we have that going for us.

    Thanks for that suggestion--I had not thought of that! And I'll look into Mexico more. I love so many of the places I've seen. I just worried it might be a little cold that time of year.
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    Look at Coco Plum Island Resort in Belize. I think that resort looks wonderful and really want to get there sometime. 

    As for Mexico, I agree that it might not be super warm in January if you go to the Cancun area, but you could check out Huatulco. I think it stays really warm there year round. 

    Here is a link for overwater bungalows in the Caribbean (not sure if that's what you like about Maldives): 

    For beaches that probably are similar to the Maldives (I haven't been there, but would love to) as far as soft white sand and clear water, I think that Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, and the out islands of the Bahamas may be worth looking at. Of those, Anguilla would probably be warmest in Jan.

  • What about Puerto Rico? Weather should be gorgeous and since you don't need an AI the hotel resorts would work for you. It has a good mix of beaches and activities so it would suit just about anyone.
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  • We went to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon! It was awesome! Loved it. If you go I suggest doing what we did. Stay in Old San Juan for half the time, and then spend the other half at the Rain Forest Inn located in the rain forest! Super beautiful! Good prices! The Rain Forest Inn was soooo romantic!!! I will show you pictures if you are interested
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