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Gift for future mother-in-law--helppppppp!!!!

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Help! I need some suggestions for a gift for my fiancé's mother for the wedding. I ordered handkerchiefs for my mother and father, but my fiancé's mother is NOT sentimental in any way, shape, or form (she already established that she will not be having a mother-son dance because it is "silly") . Everything to do with the wedding is a "waste of money," and I am so afraid of getting her something that will invite criticism from her. Does anyone have inspiration or ideas?

Re: Gift for future mother-in-law--helppppppp!!!!

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    Since she's so unappreciative of everything you want to do, I don't see that giving her any kind of gift will make her any different-especially of the gift.  I'd be prepared for her to run that down too as "a waste of time/money etc."
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    Your fi could give her a picture frame with a promise of a wedding picture. If that's too sentimental, he could get her something hobby related - gardening tools, a gift card to a knitting or sewing shop, scissors etc....

    My MIL was a frugal, non-sentimental type who thought gifts were a waste of money. She preferred gift cards to the grocery store or pharmacy, book of stamps and stationery, dish towels. Very boring, but your FMIL might appreciate the same kind of gift. 

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    I would leave her gift up to her son.  It is his Mother, not yours.

  • Thanks, girls. I think putting the FI up to it is a good idea. I just wasn't sure about etiquette, and if I was required to give them something.
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    You are certainly not required to give them something.  H and I didn't give our parents anything but a huge thank you and big hugs.

  • Typical gifts I've seen are photobooks from the wedding or a picture frame.
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  • Firstly buy her something according to her age something that would be with her for a longer period of time, or may buy her a nice dress or and show piece that would be attractive. I hope you may like that idea.

  • H wrote his mom a nice card for the wedding day, and we made a photo book after the wedding when pro pics came in. Agree to have your FI pick a gift for his mom, and end of the day if there is not a physical gift she will like then a card will be just fine!

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    We didn't give our parents gift.  
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