Alms/Ault Park wedding

Although the parks seem affordable, we have found that beer, white, table and chair setup is really where the expense comes into play... is there any way around this?  We are on a budget and will be paying for everything on our own so any feedback would be awesome!  Thanks All!!

Re: Alms/Ault Park wedding

  • I originally wanted to do a park or open field but yes rentals were making it even more expensive!
  • I did not think Ault Park was affordable at all! I'm just taking my pictures there and then having the ceremony and reception somewhere else.
  • We will be at Ault Park as well. I am super paranoid about all the nickel and diming that they do so I have cut costs in other areas. Since I have to pay them for their chair covers, I decided they weren't worth it. I would have added in more details if I could have done them DIY but I have cut out a lot just because of it benefiting them. Have you sat down with them to make your plan already? I know when that happens I plan to ask them ways to cut costs as well. If things matter then they are worth it but typically its just upselling unnecessary things

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