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Maui Wedding - anywhere that lets the party go past 10pm?

Hello ladies!  Looking into having our wedding on Maui but as far as I can find so far all the venues need you to be out by 10pm.  we want our wedding to be a fun party with lots of dancing.....has anyone found any locations that let the party go later than 10pm?

Re: Maui Wedding - anywhere that lets the party go past 10pm?

  • Most of the places we looked at were 10pm.  I think it is very common on Maui (probably all of Hawaii but I don't know).  Everything I've read said that 10pm is pretty standard.  Our venue has a 10pm curfew.  I figured we can just carry on when we get back to the hotel if needed.  I think there might be one or two places I've seen open later but they are just restaurant/bars.  Good luck.
  • Hi there! I agree with kimberlyw939 - in my search for venues, I found that 10 pm is pretty standard. Also, apparently there isn't much night life on Maui. :( there's actually a thread on the Hawaii board about this and I think it was the general consensus. Sigh! Will post though if I find anything!
  • Thanks! Yeah there definitely isn't much night life on maui. There are a few places in kihei that stay open later. Good luck with your planning! :)
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    I just got back from our wedding in Maui and we had our reception at Mulligans on the Blue in Wailea. They stay open later and we were able to have a DJ until 12:00am, no problem. They usually have live music every night until about 9:00 pm, so we started dancing at 9:30. It was amazing! Everyone loved it!
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    One other fun idea I can have a bonfire on a beach! You need a permit ($25- ish) that you can get from the local police department. The locals informed me of this. I'm not sure which beaches they would allow, but that might be something to do for a late night festivity. Bring your iPod and a speaker and dance the night away under the stars!
  • I'm getting married on Maui too and found the same thing - most places aren't open late.  We decided to rent an extra suite at our resort for the after party and brunch the next day. 

  • Hi Itsmestacey123 - where are you having our wedding on Maui?
  • That sounds awesome!! Must look into that, thanks for letting us know! Even if its not the wedding night, that would be a great group nighttime activity. =)
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    @FutureMrsHashimoto, We are getting married at Olowalu Plantation House in October. I just visited there again last week. Let me know if you need any info! :)
  • We are getting married at Olowalu next March! It's an amazing place!!!!
  • We are getting married in Maui and our venue has a 10PM curfew. They stated on their website that Maui County laws mandate that all outdoor entertainment must end by 10:00 pm. Maui County law requires all guests under the age of 22 MUST leave by 10:00 pm if there is any dancing. Request for overtime at our venue is available but may go until 12 midnight. We are having a small dinner reception so the 10PM curfew was not a problem for us.
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