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Welcome Bags (XP)

We are getting married in Hawaii, so everyone who comes will be travelling there.  What are some ideas that you would like for a welcome bag?  I'm thinking sunscreen, snacks (Maui onion chips, macadamia nuts), a map of the area, a list of fun things in the area, water, Advil.
What else?

Re: Welcome Bags (XP)

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    I included canvas bags (for a beach bag or groceries), then went to Costco and added Maui Onion chips, Hersey macadamia nut kisses, and Mauna Loa macadamia nut selections (dry roasted, choc or onion). I also included stuff I shipped from the mainland, a dollar store laundry bag for wet suits, Udderly Smooth lotion, a hangover remedy packet (Advil, antacids & Super Vitamin B), custom made wedding drink Koozies. I also grabbed some brochures at our car rental place for places I thought our guests would like to go (luahs, gardens, etc). Maps and an itinery of events should definitely be included. Other ideas: Maui Brewing Co beer, pineapples, coffee, books (Oahu Revealed or Maui Revealed, whichever island you're going), hula girl doll, lei's, Good Luck!!!
  • That is awesome.  Thanks for that!

  • I really like the idea of doing either things that are local (particularly snacks) or the items that may be useful, but that people often forget. I'm trying to avoid novelty things that will be cute, but not useful and likely to end up left behind or thrown away. I figure most people will remember sun screen and stuff like that, but people generally don't plan for bad things, like hangovers or sunburn. In my bags I'm including after-sun aloe spray, aleve, pepto bismal tablets, bandaid, safety pin. I'm also looking at Drinkwel hangover cure packets, but that's a bit more than I care to spend. I may just do vitamin b or electrolytes. I thought about adding cheap sunglasses into the hangover kit, but most people will probably bring their own anyway. I am also ordering free tourist guides from local visitor center to be sent to each family directly. The guide includes maps, things to do, hotel info, transportation info, and coupons.


  • Things that I'm looking at putting in my welcome bags:
    I'm using one of the drawstring backpacks
    maps of Disney parks
    shout stain wipes
    advil pm (I sleep horrible in hotels)
    throw away rain ponchos.

    I might throw in the packable water bottles too.

  • Thanks for all the awesome ideas - especially for the Hawaiian/ Maui themed welcome bags!
    If you don't mind me asking, would you be willing to share what the final cost ended up being per bag?

    One of the things I'm wondering is as to whether I should do one bag per couple/ family or just one bag per person. As in, spending a little more on a nicer canvas bag vs. a simpler, "gift bag" type thing. The amount spent on snacks and actual contents wouldn't really change but I'm wondering if it's a waste for certain items, like maps and such (I know they are generally free, but seems like a waste of paper and effort). I am expecting around 50 guests in Maui for my wedding so all the prep would have to be done there once I arrive (and make a solid trip out to Costco! ;) ) Or is it more important that each person feel like they are receiving something?

    Thank you again for the great suggestions! =D

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