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Rethinking hair after trial...need advice!

I had my hair trial this weekend (posted about it in Chit Chat) and I really liked the look. However, I'm not sure how it will hold up after several hours, including dancing, and it may end up being a tangled mess by the end of the night if I wear it down. I'm thinking a low updo might be a better choice, but thought I'd would you wear your hair with this dress?
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Re: Rethinking hair after trial...need advice!

  • I really, really, liked the half up-do you posted in Chit Chat. It looks like they only used one bobby pin per "twist" though. So  I think if they used more bobby pins it could easily stay put all night long.

    My personal thought (although I almost always have my hair down) is that I am not going to have it down for that day. Just because I don't want it to be in my face and if it gets windy that'll be annoying. Candid photos might be weird if I'm fiddling with it all the time. So, half up or a low up do would look really nice and be most comfortable, in my opinion. 

  • I am a fan of updos with wedding dresses.  Wedding dresses are elegant and formal and your hair really needs to match.  Hair that is all down or half up and half down is pretty but I just never find it formal enough for a gown.  Also, like you said, your hair will fall.  My friend had a half up/half down style and probably an hour to two hours after she had it done her curls started to fall and by the start of the reception it looked like every day hair with a pretty headband.

    I think a low and soft updo would be perfect for that dress and honestly you will probably be most comfortable with it all up so you aren't constantly worrying if your hair is falling or getting tangled.

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    I guess I need to call my stylist and schedule another hair trial. I thought about having her do it after she colors my hair the week before the wedding, but putting it off that long might freak me out a little bit.

    How about something like this? I'd have baby's breath tucked into it because I'm not wearing a veil or other headpiece.

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  • I think that is a really pretty updo and would look great with your dress.  You could also do something similar off to the side if you wanted to balance out the strap with your hair.  But the main thing is to tell your stylist that you want the front and top/sides, etc really soft rather then slicked back or really tight.

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    Brides in that dress with updos:
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    Versus different styles:
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    User submitted photo

    Personally, I would prefer to feel like my hair wouldn't be a hot mess at the end of the night, but it's up to you. 
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