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Is it decline or declines?

For RSVP cards is the proper verbiage:

So and So declines with regret or decline with regret? I thought it was declines with an S. Then my mom called it out as a typo. So now I'm not sure.

Re: Is it decline or declines?

  • One person declines.  Two or more people decline.  I think "with regret" is presuming a bit. 
    If you want to be very correct, don't send response cards at all.  They were considered rude when I was married.  The proper way for a guest to respond is for them to write a note.
    I would use the plural form on your cards.
  • I've always found the "happily accepts" or "regretfully declines" nonsense presumptuous as well. Some designer at some point must have started it and it stuck. I suppose I can think up something much more original. But if I run out of steam, I'll use the plural, declines.
  • Um, the plural form is decline.
  • Thanks for pointing that out. But we've decided to skip the word altogether in favor of:

    (check box) We'll see you on the beach 

    (check box) Regretfully remaining stateside

    I'm accepting full responsibility for the presumption of the word "regretfully." For some reason it pleased my Mom and it's not a hill I'm looking to die on. 

    I felt after some consideration though that accepts/decline(s) was a little too stuffy in an invitation that refers to our reception to follow as: dinner, tequila & shenanigans :-)
  • KatieinBklnKatieinBkln (NO SLEEP TIL) Brooklyn! member
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    Just wanted to say I love your reception description, and what you decided on for the RSVP. Sounds like a fun time!
    This baby knows exactly how I feel
  • Thanks @KatieinBkln, I'm so excited to see the next round of proofs! And to mail them of course!!
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