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*Updated in post* How do you feel about the WP dancing back from the altar?


Re: *Updated in post* How do you feel about the WP dancing back from the altar?

  • krcbkrcb member
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    edited June 2014
    As far as I know, the ceremony went without incident. I was a little tipsy since I was expected to dance in front of 100+ people, so I can't say I was completely aware of what all went on. My new nickname is apparently "foxy," so there's that. The whole day was a little awkward. We got there 5 hours before in order to get ready. An hour and a half in and while the bride is getting her hair ready, the "photographer" says, "you know I usually need 3 1/2hrs for bridal party pics and groomsmen pics, and now I only have 2 1/2hrs." I'm not familiar with all of this, but I seriously doubt a professional needs that long to do pictures. At the time in which she said this, 2 people still needed to get their hair done and 3 still needed makeup done. All of the guys, including the groom, were outside sweating and getting everything together. They expected to be able to get a shower in beforehand. Another bridesmaid and I were told to inform the guys that they needed to get showered ASAP, preferably within 30 minutes. I know guys are quick, but there were 4 needing showers and only one shower, which is in the area the bridal party was getting ready. So after the ceremony, this photography snaps some photos and has us all walk through muddy grass down to a pond area. I have heels on, by the way. We had asked beforehand if the BMs/GMs needed to say, and she got mad and said we did. We get down there, and she tells us we aren't needed. Okayyyy then. The best man immediately says, "You got us all to walk down here. You're damn well going to take pictures of us!" While all of this is going on, the reception begins where everyone is being fed either brunswick stew or pulled BBQ. We were told there would be chips too, nope. The alcohol being served was pretty bad. One I tasted made me nearly spit up on myself, which people around me just assummed I had too much to drink...not at all. By the time I got down there (which was before most of the BMs/GMs because they went to change clothes) everyone was done eating and just sitting around. The DJs sucked. I don't think they understood how to get people up dancing. When it came to the cake cutting, half of the people had no clue because there was no announcement. In fact, you couldn't even see them do it because the cake was shoved in a corner with low visibility. I felt so bad. I'd say half the guests left by 2 hours in, and the send off was 2 1/2hrs in. Except it wasn't actually the send off, but everyone except 20 people left because they didn't know it wasn't the send off. I left to get my stuff and leave but then heard the bride and groom would be back in half an hour and had paid the DJ to be there another 2 hours...so I ended up staying because how horrible would it be to have no one there?
  • krcbkrcb member
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    Sorry guys, I have no idea what happened to my paragraph spacing.
  • theartistformerlyknownastheartistformerlyknownas peaced out. member
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    I expect the YouTube link to be posted as soon as it's available!

  • NymeruNymeru member
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    While I still think that the dancing bit can be fun (*totally* depends on the people doing it, because they have to commit to just being ridiculous and embrace it), I wouldn't make it this big of a deal unless the entire bridal party was in agreement.  If even one person doesn't want to do it, I would not make them make a spectacle of themselves.

    I just found out as I called around this weekend to lay out rehearsal plans that my bridal party, including the groom were expecting me to choreograph something for them to do.  I had no clue.  No plan.  And now, strangely everyone is disappointed.  I'm not sure what to make of this.  My FI has a very hard time dancing in public and he was actually excited for us to have a "surprise dance" where he could show off his "sweet moves"...Not sure I want to invest all the effort it would take the mostly-left-footed group to pull of something decent, but I also hate disappointing them.
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