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Re: keep going back to three dresses

  • I like the 3rd dress.. 

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • I love the Jim Helm. Tried on a Lhuillier a lot like it. Didn't know I had back cleavage before then. If I hadn't girl? #3 - if you've got the back for a dress like that I say give em what the peoples came for miss girl!
  • I will be of no help to you because I like them all.  

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    It can make you weak and strong simultaneously.  

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    Oh I like them all! The second or third would be my pick, I like the sleek look.

  • Its on the beach ,so i guess the first one would be too much.
     been trying to get the last one to try on they assure me they wont get it in till next year and say i need to order nine moths before so thats going to be pushing it but i cannot buy a dress without trying it on first.

  • Hunny, I don't know if you've tried this salon but they carry Alvina Valenta, might be worth a try to see if they have it in a sample.  

    Philly Bride
    203 S 13th Street
    Philadelphia , PA 19107
  • They informed me fall 2014 dresses wont come out in stores till December

  • In which case, getcha behind on the turnpike and let's make a knottie field trip out of it.  I work a 20 minute subway ride from Kleinfeld.    Because you're right there's no way you're gonna wanna come all the way out your checking account for a frock you haven't seen on you.   I'm exit 14A, pick me up we'll hit a smashburger first.....well, not you, I'd never let you have carbs on try-on day.   :)
  • lmao  i should!

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    number 1 and 3
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  • I love 1 and 3! I have a big butterfly tat on my back SOOOOOOOOOOOO I wouldn't ever show my back in my wedding gown...

    They are beautiful!
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