Photog suggestions?! $3000-$4000

Hi All,

I am getting married at the Hotel Marlowe next fall. I am beginning the daunting process of picking a photographer. I am completely SHOCKED by the prices I've seen so far! Does anyone have any recommendations for photographers that fall into the $2-4k range? This does not necessarily  My wedding will most likely be very traditional as far as style, though I prefer having a photographer with a unique or independently-crafted style. I am also not really into corny wedding photography AT ALL. I want nice, realistic photos that simply capture the emotions of the day.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or positive/negative experiences with a particular photog!


Re: Photog suggestions?! $3000-$4000

  • You've GOT to check out my photog - Berryphotos. They are stunning and totally are as good or actually way better than any city photographer charging over 5k, but they're around 3-4k and give a ton in their packages. Their website is and it has all the package and pricing info right on the website.
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  • Photography by Nikki Cole is so reasonable! She dose fantastic work and is so personable and wonderful to work with. We hired her after our photographer for our wedding this coming June flaked on us after our engagement photo session. I panicked. This is her site.
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    JohnLo Photography

    Simply amazing! hth
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    Thank you all so much! I will definitely check these all out. Also, my wedding is at Hotel Marlowe, so if you know of anyone or have had a photog there is this price range, I'd be very interested to see how it turned out!
  • We booked One Eleven Images. They're a husband and wife team, very friendly and reasonable. They're packages fall between $2k to just above $3k. It's great because you get both of them, so we'll have tons of different photos! We liked them most for their style, price and the fact that we'll have 2 photogs...haven't seen them in action yet (married next year), but they're great so far!
  • You've GOT to check out my photog - Berryphotos.  They are stunning and totally are as good or actually way better than any city photographer charging over 5k, but they're around 3-4k and give a ton in their packages.  Their website is
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    Love our photographer: Leise Jones. Her photography looks so natural and light. Her packages range from $2700-$3600ish.
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  • Highly recommend

    Great work and very reasonable prices, you can get a lot for your budget.
    Definitely check her out.
  • I *love* our photographer:  Andrea Jay Photography, she's out of RI but travels to MA.  Seriously amazing.  We just had our engagement photos done, and I love them! 

  • I had Brett Alison shoot our wedding... she was absolutely amazing to work with, not overly expensive, and her work is stunning. She has many packages to choose from. If you'd like to email me ([email protected]), I'm happy to share our photos.
  • Thanks everyone!
  • We used 1026 Photography - Kerri is awesome and affordable!
  • does an amazing job in my opinion and is reasonable
  • Vail Fucci is our photog - she's fantastic.  @phira - wow - thank you for sharing!  
  • Check out Kelly Benvenuto ( - her work is very natural and candid, focused on capturing the emotions of the day.  We just got all our photos back and they are amazing - lots of candid moments between people, nothing cheesy or overly posed.  Most of her packages are in the 3K range.
  • Dan Nystedt.  We looked at about 60 photog's portfolios and after seeing Dan's we immediately booked him.  He has a much more editorial style than most wedding photographers (who we agree, we found to be too cheesy for our taste).  Also, super cool, professional guy to work with.

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  • Gotta check out Berryphotos.  They are nothing short of AMAZING!  They're based out of Halifax but travel everywhere.  They've got that 5k look but their prices are way way less.  They've got great reviews too.  Definitely check them out.  Their website is 
  • we've loved working with vail fucci of fucci's photos 
  • Oh I love seeing so many people loving on my photog!  I'm another for Berryphotos!!  :)
  • LOVE Photography by Caitlin out of Newport, RI.  She's amazing and very reasonably priced esp for the quality of her work.  She hasn't increased her prices in 3 yrs and said she will be increasing them in Jan. but I was abe to lock her in at current pricing (around 4k for full day coverage w a photo album) She did our engagement shoot in Boston last wknd and I love how the pics came out!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • My photog just sent us the cutest Holiday card with our pic on it - they're awesome!  Gotta give Berryphotos another shout out - definitely the best decision we made for our wedding.
  • @knotporscha, vendor alert.  There are a lot of redundant posts about Berryphotos in this thread (any many of the MA photographer threads). For example, metrobabe, who posted the same thing 3 times. 
  • Saw the same from CarolBrideBabe for Jon Lo - I'm legit though :)  Sometimes people really like their vendors or get to know them and want to help them out.
  • We had Heather Parker as ours. At the time we got married she didnt offer books but when we ran into her at our friends wedding we reconnected and I ended up getting one. The style is way more documentary instead of posey though. We didnt want the stuff like the dipped kiss but there were plenty of classic styled photographers at least when we were looking.
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